Lupin and API Spearhead ‘A Step Towards Healthy Lungs Walkathon’ for COPD Awareness

Lupin and API Spearhead ‘A Step Towards Healthy Lungs Walkathon’ for COPD Awareness

Mumbai, India, November 22, 2023Global pharma major Lupin Limited (Lupin) and the Association of Physicians of India (API) collaborated to successfully host the inaugural ‘A Step Towards Healthy Lungs Walkathon’ on November 18, 2023, at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai. The Walkathon was aimed to raise awareness about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and has garnered overwhelming support from various medical fraternity organizations, including the Indian Medical Association, Malad Medical Association, Karuna Hospital, and more.

 The Walkathon, flagged off by Mr. Hirak Bose, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Lupin and Dr. Agam Vora, General Secretary Association of Physicians of India, witnessed enthusiastic participation from the community, emphasizing the collective concern about COPD and its link to environmental pollution. With walk categories tailored to various fitness levels – 3 km, 4 km, and 5 km – the event attracted enthusiastic participation. The first 100 participants were recognized with special welcome kits, expressing gratitude for their commitment to the noble cause. Certificates of participation were presented to all the attendees. The event concluded with a renewed commitment to lung health, symbolizing not just a health milestone but also a strategic step toward a society with heightened knowledge of health issues. Lupin and API remain steadfast in their commitment to promoting lung health and increasing COPD awareness. This collaborative effort signifies a robust alliance in the healthcare industry, poised to make a substantial impact on public health in India. Dr. Agam Vora, General Secretary Association of Physicians of India said, “The overwhelming response to the Walkathon is a testament to our community’s shared commitment to addressing COPD. This successful event marks a significant step in our collective journey to educate the public about the crucial importance of lung health and the impact of environmental factors.” Mr. Hirak Bose, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Lupin said, “Beyond being an initiative, this Walkathon is a milestone in Lupin’s ongoing commitment to lung health. Building on our impactful initiatives, this Walkathon signifies a stride forward in our collective journey against COPD. Lupin remains dedicated to fostering Healthy Lungs through comprehensive and impactful endeavors.

 About LupinLupin is an innovation-led transnational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, India. The Company develops and commercializes a wide range of branded and generic formulations, biotechnology products, and APIs in over 100 markets in the U.S., India, South Africa, and across the Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), Europe, and Middle East regions. The Company enjoys a leadership position in the cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, and respiratory segments and has a significant presence in the anti-infective, gastro-intestinal (GI), central nervous system (CNS), and women’s health areas. Lupin is the third-largest pharmaceutical company in the U.S. by prescriptions. The company invested 7.9% of its revenue in research and development in FY23. Lupin has 15 manufacturing sites, 7 research centers, more than 20,000 professionals working globally, and has been consistently recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in the Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals sector.Please visit for more information.


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