Meet Jaspal Singh, a Focused Educator Who is Mentoring Lakhs of Young Brains

  • Attention GATE/ESE aspirants: Jaspal Singh is there to mentor you in the right path

  • Aiming for GATE/ESE Mentorship under Jaspal Singh could make your dream come true

  • Jaspal Singh: A teacher and mentor who not only guides but motivates

Cracking examinations like GATE, ESE, and UPSC is a dream for all young Indians and job aspirants. However, coming out successfully in these examinations is not an easy task, as it demands a huge amount of hard work and determination. Apart from that, a student should also require proper mentorship from an impeccable personality who knows in and out of the entire examination procedure. Jaspal Singh is one such Civil Engineering educator and mentor who has proved his mettle in helping aspirants for GATE/ ESE and other competitive exams to get into Public Sectors Units in the Civil Engineering domain.

Jaspal Singh – Focused Educator

To create a strong and professional educational ecosystem, Jaspal Singh is currently working as an educator with Unacademy, Indias leading online education platform. During his association with MadeEasy, India’s most popular academies for ESE preparations, Jaspal Singh has also successfully mentored lakhs of young brains.

Jaspal Singhs unending passion towards teaching.

It was in 2011 that Jaspal Singh left his job as an Assistant Executive Engineer in CPWD to pursue his passion for teaching. In the same year, he joined MadeEasy as an educator, and build a reputation as one of the most prolific teachers in his era. After marking his signature in the minds of thousands of students, Jaspal Singh joined Unacademy and started coaching GATE/ESE aspirants.

Apart from lecturing the syllabus, Jaspal Singh always tries to motivate and guide his students, and it is that unending determination and passion which made him the most popular teacher among his students.

The notes provided by Jaspal Singh sir, his knowledge and his way of teaching helped me a lot during my preparation,” said Shivansh Kumar Rai who qualified ESE 2019 with AIR-109.

Jaspal sir played a very crucial role in determining my success in the examinations. He is the god of civil engineering. Whatever subjects he taught me are still my favorite subjects,” said Shweta Singh who qualified GATE with AIR-133.

According to Jaspal Singh, Civil Engineering, being the oldest branch of engineering may seem boring for learners, but using new pedagogies, he successfully made learning an interesting experience.

Civil Engineering being one of the oldest branches in Engineering has many topics that are conventional and can be boring for learners. To overcome this, I keep introducing new pedagogies and think of different ways in which I can represent the same concepts to make them more interesting. The biggest motivator for me is the fact that aspirants look up to me. Their expectations from me and their hard work towards their dreams keep me motivated to keep going. Many of my students share their emotions and hopes with me, which further encourages me to give my best and help them succeed,” says Jaspal Singh.

Jaspal Singh holds a record in the India Book of Records

Being a Civil Engineering educator, Jaspal Singh holds a record in India Book of Record for the title, Maximum UPSC qualified candidates mentored by an individual.

The record for mentoring the maximum number of UPSC qualified candidates (1396) was set by Jaspal Singh (born on October 19, 1986) of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He mentored one lakh aspirants, out of which 1396 qualified the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) (with All India Ranks), conducted by UPSC from 2012 to 2020,” reads the title description in the record book.


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