Minimalism is the new rich

How Tata Group's growing digital ambitions may be taking it closer

The art of living simply does serve one with a higher purpose. In a world where everything is getting entangled to complexity, simplicity grants more fulfillment and freedom.

Minimalism lifestyle is not about living with scarcity, rather it involves removing the inessential things and living with only what you need. It tends to focus on what’s important when it comes to one’s possessions, activities, mindset, and use of time.

Practicing minimalism leads to a more focused life and thereby it breaks down the persisting chain of anxiety and stress. Cutting down unnecessary possessions, items, activities, and even people can shed light on what is of prime importance to you and thereby channel your time and energy in the right direction.

Living with less yet important could mean and be worth so much. The minimalist lifestyle does add true value in one’s life as it removes everything that is simply excess and doesn’t serve a purpose. It helps you to become more mindful and have sheer joy in less yet qualitative things. 

Getting rid of clutter does give one a sense of pleasure and adds positivity, peace, and serenity to the environment as the focus lies more towards qualitative things rather than quantitative. Clearing out the redundant baggage also clears your mind as it adds more space to relevant and classy things.

Choosing to live with what is right and optimal does satisfy your soul as the greed to have more and more is endless. It’s not bad to aspire for more, but one must revisit his/her soul to give a self-check over the detrimental effects it carries forward.

The human soul will never be satisfied as the focus will lie on what is missing over and not cherishing the people/things that are present. Also, many people tend to have unwanted things just for the sake of jealousy, comparison, peer pressure, obsession, and persuasive tactics used in the advertisements- and yes, it sounds surreal! Sometimes a craving for the unneeded desire loses out the morality, tranquility, and even the meaningful purpose to enjoy life with the people or things that value the most. 

Practicing minimalism requires the adoption of a wise approach towards knowing what is right for you. It’s not about renouncing your life, it’s more about adding value to your as well as other people’s lives. Life must definitely be enjoyed to the most, but one must detach himself or herself from the feeling of it impacting your emotions and mind.

One must resist the superfluous urges as when it’s gone, it makes you void. Sometimes, letting go of certain people and things works better than holding on it to the end. It’s tough, but one must master the art of living purposefully with the right people and things. 

Decluttering can help you to become more organized, tidy and parallel your energy to the state of happiness. It’s simple as that if you want your phone to work swiftly, delete the unnecessary data; if you want people to visit your website, delete the unwanted ads and widgets; and if you want people to truly connect with you, get rid of the impurity that vests within you.

Anything in excess is of no good. Adding filters and focusing on what really matters simplifies your life and can spark endless joy as it wards off the needless. Colloquially, accumulate the wonderful moments and not just fancy things as latently less is more.


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