New launch from the House of Gillette in the premium category- Gillette Labs

New launch from the House of Gilette in the premium category- Gilette Labs

Upgrade your shaving routine with the latest masterpiece from the house of Gillette, designed to redefine grooming and give you a sensational shaving experience this razor boasts of 5 anti-friction blades for a smoother, tug-free glide. Its unique 2D flex disc technology lets you experience a smooth shave as it follows the contours of your face for optimal contact with each stroke. The exfoliation bar keeps the blade’s dirt and debris at bay ensuring thorough cleaning of the blades.

Hold the premium metallic handle that screams sophistication, providing an unparalleled grip for your shaving pleasure. And when you’re done, let the magnetic stand cradle your razor, keeping it dry, clean, and ready for your next luxurious shave. Rest assured as the razor handle promises to stand the test of time, backed by a lifetime warranty.*

For the gentlemen, thriving in the professional world– this is not just a razor, but a statement. Experience a new era of shaving where each stroke whispers with precision, leaving your face smooth and sensational. Embrace your confident identity, opt for excellence, and make this the centerpiece of your grooming collection because you deserve nothing but the extraordinary. 

The razor is priced at INR 1499. Available now on Amazon, the product will soon be up for grabs in stores from 1st February 2024.


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