Offbeat Career Choices After Class 12 in the world.

Offbeat Career Choices After Class 12 in the world.

Class 12, the verdict year when everyone around us is frantic about the next career choice we make. Everybody wants the best for these students but sometimes a stressful environment is created. Every year Class 12 students join the rat race to become doctors, engineers, lawyers. Today our country is abundant with these professionals, so getting a good job is a rare situation. 

Yesterday, a documentary named “Schooling the World”, caught my eyes. After I finished watching it, it shattered my beliefs and left me confused more than ever. Every student is indoctrinated to study for just the top 5% jobs of the world which gives a false illusion of a good lifestyle.

The element of passion is hardly taken into account. It is high time that students look beyond the boxes of Medicine and Engineering and offbeat alternatives which are important career choices too. If you have a satisfying career, the lifestyle it provides will not matter in the long run. So let us have a look  at new perspectives that a class 12 student can pursue :

  • Acupuncture Specialist

This job is really unconventional, but it is well paid and one of the sought after therapeutic treatment which has excellent health benefits. As an acupuncture specialist, one reviews the patient’s health history by checking their pulse.

Afterward, the patient is made to lie in a calm environment, and needles are inserted into the acupuncture points. Being an acupuncture specialist, one can solve health problems related to backache, digestive problems, addiction, etc. The education and experience relating to this profession differ from country to country.

  • Food Scientist

If you love food and also have a flair for science. It is the best career option to make food fun. Every food item in the stores needs to be safe and nutritious, and food scientists make sure that food processing techniques are safe. They conducted research and clinical trials before the food items were sold in the market. Food scientists are hired by government agencies, big corporates, food chains.

They have created different flavors in the ice-cream, jams, juices. With the rising population and more mouths to feed, food scientists are required in the market to develop new techniques to increase the quantity and the nutrition level in food items and prevent adulteration. A degree in chemistry or microbiology is sufficient to take up this job.

  • Video Game Testers

If your life has been all about PlayStation and FIFA World Cup, the market awaits for people like you. Video game developers hire people to test their games before launching. Based on their feedback, they change or alter the game. Video game testers in the long run can become video game designers.

  • Social media managers

Today the world runs on the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Social media shows one status symbol and affects their reputation. Celebrities, corporations, restaurants hire social media managers to improve their public relation in the market and reach out to more consumers. It is an excellent career if you are tech savvy and love the internet

  • Nurse  Midwife

We have too many doctors, but there is a need for nurses. Nurses are important elements of the care industry. They help to schedule appointments, take care of the prenatal health of the mother, assists in lamaze and also assists in delivery. They also are involved in a holistic birth giving process to ease out labour pains and also provide family planning services.

  • Meteorologists

If curiosity is your second nature, this career choice is ideal. Meteorologists observe atmospheric conditions and the effect it has on the earth. This job is highly specialized and is not equivalent to that of a weather reporter. Meteorologists study climate trends, the effects of pollution, conduct research on humidity, ozone depletion, wind speed for space research organizations. A degree in meteorology or atmospheric sciences is needed.

  • Personal Stylist

If the Vogue magazine is your bible and the only thing in your credit card bills is expensive clothes, if binging on fashion shows is your hymn for the weekend, then this is your career calling. Personal stylists are sought after for those who do not have time to sort their outfits or needs help with fashion. 

Everyone has different style and body shapes, a personal stylist can curate it and customize every outfit for different occasions. A bad style statement does affect people who are social elites. Becoming a personal stylist can be a dream job and you can be working for celebrities too.

The job is well paid and you can attend events and have access to different brands worn by the celebrities as perks of your jobs. You can begin your step by being an assistant to a professional stylist after obtaining a degree in fashion.


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