Oxyzone, a portable oxygen cylinder launched in India.


January 2021:

The growing air pollution has caused a huge demand for portable oxygen cans. Oxyzone, a portable oxygen canister that contains natural oxygen has launched in India. It is an oxygen supplement for daily use to enhance metabolic activities, yoga and pranayam efficiency as well one can use this product as a first aid tool for acute conditions like COPD, sudden choking and suffocation.

The homegrown brand emphasizes on providing oxygen in its purest form through a creative and innovative packaging. Oxyzone is easy to use. All you need to do is open the cup and attach the mask with the nozzle. Put the mask on your mouth, take 3-4 quick puffs and exhale without holding it.

Oxyzone aims to furnish the best possible way of providing handy oxygen cans for supplemental use. The innovative product is useful to tackle the silent hypoxia caused by COVID-19. You can use it after your HIIT or jog for instant energy backup and maximize the efficiency of your recovery. This one of a kind product proves to be an all-in-one tool.

Commenting on the launch, the founder of Oxyzone said, “We believe in making unique, safe, and easy-to-use world class products. We always focus on delivering trust, faith and quality service. And in case of delivering an inhalable product our responsibility increases further to serve our customers a safe product. We believe that ‘Oxygen is Life and Life is Precious’.”

Hurry! Get Oxyzone today and for more information visit the official website: https://oxyzoneplus.com/


About Oxyzone:

Oxyzone is an Ahmedabad based company which brought natural oxygen in an Innovative, Intelligent, Portable and Handy packaging. We are a team of creative, innovative and experienced enthusiasts. Our leaders have a great track record of sensing market needs and delivering complete customer satisfaction. They have the perfect combination of experience in Business Technicalities and Innovation in this field.


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