Pendown Press Proudly Launches Five New Books


Pendown Press proudly announces the launch of its five new books, which are meant for intellectuals, business people, and all those persons who want to transform their lives for achieving newer heights.

Mr. Dinesh Verma, Founder & CEO, Pendown Press

Pendown Press wishes that these books message reaches the maximum number of readers and helps humankind by equipping them with the latest trends and knowledge of various fields. They believe that the deliberations of these books shall leave a lasting effect on its readers lives.

About the books

1. The book Life Beyond Fears by Peyush Bhatia is a unique self-help guide that unlocks the fountain of untapped courage and motivation within you. In this book, the author explains the origin of fear, its types, and its impact on our lives and suggests proven practices to take fear head-on and do away with its toxic presence. It serves as the transformational journey from pangs of pessimism to a Life of Love and the feeling of fearlessness.

2. An engaging book simplified by the author Raktim, whose experience in the field of technology is unquestionable. His industry experience clearly shows the way to the leaders and executives as to how to achieve true Digital Transformation by various tips and tricks. His in-depth knowledge of technology makes it crystal clear that we have much more potential to revolutionize the industry by being more flexible in adopting the technology. A must-read for the leaders and executives!

3. Money Generating Buildings 2.0 by Rohit Nagia contains 5 scientific ways to turn your office or home building into a money-generating machine.

This book is a special mandatory read for you if you ever want to build your building that contributes to your growth. The book gives a comprehensive understanding on not only how to approach your new next building, but also how it can become virtually free to you just by small easy steps and understanding of the process.

4. The book Financial Freedom with Financial Control by Jagmohan Singh is unique in its own way as it explores financial freedom with the means that are so effective, pragmatic and sure-fire. The book educates on 8 happy reasons why every business owner must learn the skills of Cash Flow Management.

Another big benefit of this book is even a person without an accounts background can learn the intricacies of finance and win financial freedom by religiously implementing the tips and techniques provided in this book.

5. The book Top 10 Reasons why you must Write a Book contains the sure-fire benefits that book writing brings. It will prove to be self-empowering that will be potent enough to break all your barriers that are putting hurdles in your way of book writing.

The book contains the latest and the greatest benefits of book writing, along with the magical technologies, such as MMM and several others devised by the author Dinesh Verma, Internationally-acclaimed book writing coach. Right from busting the myths associated with book writing, the WHY for publishing a book, to meeting with the Coach who will Catapult your Casual Writing to a Captivating Creation, the book has all that you might be searching or worrying about. It’s a must-have book before you write a book.

On the Launch Mr. Dinesh Verma, Founder and CEO, Pendown Press said, “I believe books are one of the best teachers in life. They act both as a guide and a friend for their readers. Each of these books mentioned here are filled with practical lessons to help us lead a better life. I hope that the readers will find all the answers to their queries from them.”

About the Pendown Press

Pendown Press, functioning under the dynamic leadership of Dinesh Verma, the publisher of all the books mentioned above. Besides publishing, he is an eminent author, publishing coach, and a social worker of repute. Some of his books were selected by Govt. Of India for display at various International Book Fairs organized in multiple countries. Being an ambitious publishing coach, he is engaged in transforming the lives of millions of people by inspiring them to convert their thoughts into books. Recognizing his meritorious works, he was conferred upon with several awards and testimonials from time to time.

You can get a copy of these books from our authorized vendors as well as from Amazon.


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