Power of Video first Communications is transforming Healthcare marketing

Power of Video first Communications is transforming Healthcare marketing

Mumbai, 17/1/22: India is the largest supplier of generic medicines and vaccines in the world, and there are thousands of drug manufacturing facilities in the country. Apart from that, the nearly 1.4 billion population implies there is a massive domestic need as well. But most of the Pharma sector stuck with the old methods of marketing like sending their medical representatives to meet doctors or sharing pamphlets etc.

These in-person marketing and traditional formats are inadequate to help Indian pharma companies meet their objectives. Many diseases affecting global health can be prevented successfully through the right communication, delivered through the right medium. 

 C Com Digital a full-service Techno Digital Marketing Agency with a global footprint, is transforming the way healthcare awareness campaigns are run by the Indian Pharma sector. The company is constantly creating high-impact video-first communication by combining advanced technologies like AI and analytics with the power of creative and socially relevant messaging.

C Com Digital has successfully used its extensive expertise to build marketing communication using videos that are informative, engaging, socially relevant, and easy to understand for the target audiences. As experts in creative communication and engaging the audience, C Com has built an extensive and seamless process to engage the audiences using the medium that everyone is comfortable with: video. 

The results have been more than visible and evident from C Com’s campaign on women’s health or other co-morbidities. Some of their campaigns reached out to more than 81 lakh people, and received over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers, not just in India, but, also in countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. 

Speaking about this, Mr. Chandan Bagwe, Founder / Director, C Com Digital said, “Marketing of pharma products is inter-related with generating the right awareness among the target audiences about the need and benefits of the drugs. Video content is the most consumed form of messaging and entertainment today, and we are using the best of technology and creative resources to create impactful ads for major health issues faced by the masses. Going beyond simply the medical terminology, our video messaging is crafted with a focus on highlighting the all-around impact and need.

For instance, cardiovascular disease can not only be debilitating or life-threatening for the patient but a cause of financial hardships and expenses for the entire family. Thus, we highlighted the preventive approach and medicines that can help prevent the risk. That campaign resonated with national as well as international audiences.”Adding further, he said, “The key is to do in-depth research and create contextual and emotionally relatable messaging for the audience. Such an approach has benefited our pharma clients, and the overall medical community has also lauded our efforts at transforming marketing for the pharma sector through the digital Video First strategies. This is where the future.

is where the future lies, and we are set to help the pharma brands to realign with this novel and impactful marketing approach.” 

C Com has successfully delivered impact and used video messaging on digital platforms very effectively. The agency’s campaigns have helped in eliminating social taboos on topics such as period pains, heart diseases, diabetes, and other ailments which are very common but lack awareness on the best solutions available. Some of their campaigns encourage patients to take medication while others are sensitive towards people’s financial struggle when it comes to taking medication. They have been sensitizing everyone about Women’s health, children’s health also Sr. citizens, and various immune diseases.

With a presence in India, Dubai, and USA, C Com Digital offers holistic services to its clients by helping them develop AI-powered digital marketing strategies to achieve desired personalization and impact. C Com Digital specializes in building brand narratives and provides superior business-driven marketing communication support to its clientele across industries such as Pharma, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Edu-tech, Retail, and E-commerce, etc. 


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