ReshaMandi: Creating an oasis of opportunities for stakeholders in the natural fibre ecosystem

ReshaMandi: Creating an oasis of opportunities for stakeholders in the natural fibre ecosystem

ReshaMandi’s super app is bridging the gaps in the entire natural fiber supply chain providing service
farm to fashion — seamlessly and with complete transparency.

India is rich in natural fibres, including cotton, jute, silk, wool, coir, banana, and palm, to name a few.
Traditionally, the country has used them for all feasible purposes, including as natural fibre composites
in the construction, packaging and textile industries along with being an exporter of raw materials and
finished natural fibre products.
Significantly, though India has the most looms in the world, most are in dispersed, unorganized
enterprises that experience technological obsolescence, making it challenging to obtain high-quality
This is where ReshaMandi comes into play. The industry for unorganized natural fibres is being
organized by ReshaMandi using a holistic strategy. The company is coming up with workable solutions to
better understand and address the issues affecting stakeholders like farmers, reelers, weavers, retailers,
yarn manufacturers, etc.

It has established the necessary framework to support and assist them,
opening up opportunities to increase their revenue. Early in 2020, ReshaMandi began as just a B2B
marketplace for silk. And in just little more than 2 years, they have evolved into being the country’s
largest and the only farm-2-fashion digital ecosystem for all natural fibres.

In FY22, they added other
natural fibres to the portfolio, including cotton, coir, jute and banana, managing the entire ecosystem
for all natural fibres while serving varied stakeholders.
The Inception
ReshaMandi’s Founder-CEO, Mayank Tiwari, had no idea he would reshape the unorganised natural
fibre industry. The journey began when Mayank was a student at NIFT Mumbai and he noticed the gaps
that existed in the textile industry, which needed to be filled.

He noted that certain people in the supply
the chain was not engaged in the production process and added no tangible value, which increased the
price of the goods.
Typically, this occurs as a result of multiple tiers of traders who add no value to the market but inflate
costs to maintain control over the supply chain mechanisms and take advantage of shortcomings in the
segment. Mayank realised that the natural fibre industry was untapped waiting to be explored. That’s
how ReshaMandi was established in May 2020.
Efficient Tech Solutions
ReshaMandi has enabled and empowered all stakeholders across the supply chain with superior
technology and has been successfully digitising operations in the natural fibre industry. Through a

dedicated mobile app, IoT gadgets and AI-enabled devices, ReshaMandi are empowering stakeholders to
raise production, limit wastage and improve quality, thereby increasing their income. Through the use of
AI-enabled crop tracking and direct IoT-led alerts to app users, the company has reduced the chance of
crop failure by 80%, leading to increased production capacity and higher revenue.

In sericulture, for
example, the quality of cocoons has improved substantially, ensuring a more than 35% increase in
farmers’ incomes!
Just to give an example of how stakeholders are assisted at different levels by ReshaMandi – with the
the help of advanced technology, ReshaMandi IoT gadgets help farmers with insights such as weather and
soil quality updates, market connections for both input (eggs/silkworm) and output (cocoon) purchases,
and advice on best practices. They can also analyze the process of rearing silkworms and determine
optimal irrigation methods for a better yield of mulberry plants that serve as the worms’ primary source
of nutrition.

Farmers can sell cocoons at fair prices at ReshaMandi procurement centres located
throughout India’s silk belt, which helps them save time and money. Currently, around 25 mandis are
run by the company across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
The reelers profit from fair pricing, scientifically graded yarn procurement, AI-led yarn grading, and
linkages. The mills and weavers can acquire affordable, high-quality yarn with connections to retailers
thanks to ReshaMandi.
Besides closely collaborating with farmers, yarn producers, and weavers, ReshaMandi works with fabric
retailers. It redefines how retailers conduct business by promoting convenience. ReshaMandi also
makes eco-friendly, premium natural fibres/fabrics easily available to the general public by working with
Since its inception, ReshaMandi has created various hassle-free procedures for all its stakeholders and
transformed the way the natural fibre ecosystem functions in India. The ReshaMandi super-app is a
single platform that farmers, reelers, weavers, and retailers can all use to connect and avail of the
services offered.

In the supply chain for natural fibres and textiles, the app has seen 100% digital
payments. 20,000T of the cocoon, 1500T of raw cotton, 6,000T of cotton bales, 8L of sarees, 5L of
clothing, and 150L Mts of the fabric have all been traded on the app’s platform in the last six months.
Approximately 30% of orders from retailers and weavers flow in via the app.
The long-term goal is to help India become a major producer of natural fibres by facilitating the
development of a pan-Indian ecosystem.
A Vibrant Business Model
ReshaMandi has grown remarkably in just two years, increasing its revenue from Rs20 CR in FY21 to
Rs450 CR in FY22. Today, it oversees the complete natural fibre ecosystem, providing services to a wide
range of stakeholders such as farmers, reelers, weavers, retailers, manufacturers, mills, corporations,
exporters, designers and the final customers.

The company now works with more than 60,000 farmers,
10,000+ weavers, 7,000+ reelers, 7,500 yarn producers and 4,400+ merchants in the natural fibre supply

chain. To replicate its successful India model, ReshaMandi recently ventured into international markets,
including the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and Southeast Asia. ReshaMandi intends to
establish itself as a one-stop platform for the sourcing of natural and recycled fibres globally.
The company has also unveiled ReshaMudra, its new initiative (a financial solutions arm), which will give
stakeholders access to working capital and long-term loans, giving them access to necessary funds for
the expansion of their enterprises and to tide over difficult times.

ReshaMandi’s full-stack, the game-changing digital ecosystem has benefited more than 10 million
people in this exciting journey. Additionally, it has created employment opportunities and increased
operational efficiencies by up to 30%, opening the door for remarkable growth in a highly unorganized
and fragmented natural fibre market.


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