RR Parkon Installs Multi-level Car Parking System in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar


RR Parkon manufactured and installed new car parking system at South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s (SDMC) Firoz Gandhi Marg site in Lajpat Nagar. It was inaugurated on Saturday, 6th March 2021. The fully automated car parking system by RR Parkon is SDMC’s first puzzle car parking facility. This is RR Parkon’s second car parking facility with SDMC after Green Park, New Delhi.

RR Parkon – Lajpat Nagar Puzzle parking inauguration

The newly constructed puzzle parking system can accommodate 246 cars at one time and is spread over 978 sq. meters. It is 14.5 meters in height and has six levels where it takes 150 seconds on an average to retrieve a car. The first four levels can move horizontally and vertically, thus giving it the name ‘puzzle parking‘. The system follows the principal of a sliding puzzle.

The puzzle parking facility has eco-friendly operations with 6 modules. The structure is completely made of steel and also has a provision for a water tank and pump room. The environmentally friendly parking system has a vertical garden as well. The parking facility is for 80 SUV cars at first and second levels and 166 sedan cars from third to sixth. It provides the service of daily as well monthly passes for day and night.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Rajesh Kabra, Director, RR Global said, “We are very proud to launch puzzle parking at Lajpat Nagar for SDMC. The car park has been constructed over a space that used to fit 46 cars. Now it can fit 246. Given the current rise in traffic and space issues all over the country, this is a big boon to the commuters who can now find parking easily. Research shows that a commuter on an average spends about 15 to 20 minutes to find a parking spot. Hence creating more traffic, pollution and a loss to national productivity. Automated Parking systems like these will help solve these problems and we are delighted to play a part in making life easier for the commuter. We at RR Parkon aim to provide the best customized solutions along with top-notch quality products and service. This is our second parking system launch with SDMC and we hope to continue to manufacture and install many more parking systems for use of the public in the future.”

As per Delhi RTO sources, the Delhi NCR region has the maximum number of cars in India. Everyday 1500 new cars are registered in Delhi alone. Each of these cars takes approximately 30 sq. meters of space to park. This means that the city has to create 4500 sq. meters of land space every day to accommodate these cars, which is practically impossible to do.

To this Mr. Kabra added, “The only solution to tackle the shortage of parking space in New Delhi is to install Puzzle or Tower parking. I am glad that the SDMC is thinking about the future, today and has taken an initiative to address this issue aggressively.”

About RR Parkon

RR Parkon is a part of RR Global, a USD 850+ million conglomerate in the electric sector with a presence in more than 85 countries globally. The brand started its journey with a vision in 2001 to provide India automated car parking solutions given the rising issue of space constraint in the country. After two decades, we have not only installed more than 1500 projects across India but also have successfully tapped into global markets like Nepal, Uganda and Sri Lanka. Having worked with prestigious clients in commercial and residential sectors, we have established a strong presence in more than 50 cities across India and introduced more than 19 variants of automated multilevel car parking solutions along with customisation.


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