Stepping out of an unusually long pause of uncertainty, we have embraced the “new normal”. Every sector has witnessed an evolution in inculcating this situation, leaving  no stones unturned for possibilities in sectors especially E-commerce.

Looking back at a time where deliveries took their own sweet time to reach their desired owner, now we are about to welcome the “unimaginable delivery speed” to reality. 

Yes, that’s right! Mumbai and Gorakhpur, get ready to enjoy the conveniences and efficiency of same-day delivery, exclusively brought to you by ETPS online! Our steadily growing business born out of a sheer passion to make way for a better future, ETPS MARKETPLACE PVT LTD has geared up to provide a unique shopping experience for customers to make greater choices, at their benefit with appealing prices and offers. Sounds like a great deal right?

Coming into motion within the next few weeks, same day delivery would be made available for all the products, starting from groceries. Our aim is to fulfill the provision of immediate product access to customers with an undeterred assurance for quality at ease, everything just a click away! We are emphasizing on combining our wide network of streamlined integrated logistics with trading channels to offer instant same-day deliveries on a broad scale.  

While catering to more than 200 orders per day, ETPS has definitely ascended up to the next level of E-commerce development. Our company made its debut into the online marketplace in 2019.

The two young entrepreneurs, Mr. Nirendra Dubey and Mr. Umesh Gaikwad, with a background in business technology, developed their keen understanding on Internet Marketing and website profits into this popular e-commerce company.

Leading on the government’s initiative to be more “Vocal for Local” our goal principally focuses on encouraging customers to buy Indian products. Supporting Indian start-ups, small businesses, local artisans, and designers, our primary target is particularly based on promoting quality, local products from B2B and B2C businesses. Space for Indian brands to grow and flourish, ETPS is the right place!


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