Serial Entrepreneur & Educationist Mukesh Sharma, Featured in Forbes List of Great Entrepreneurs for the Second Consecutive Time


Great Manager Institute in collaboration with Forbes India announced the list of top 100 people managers and leaders in the country, based on their assessment of 6000+ leaders across 1100+ organizations. Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Founder & CEO of QA InfoTech Software Services Pvt. Ltd., is amongst the few entrepreneurs who’ve bagged this award for the second time in a row.

Mukesh, who started his corporate journey as a software testing engineer in the United States, credits his childhood to his people centricity. Being a recipient of free school education by his father’s employer, made him realize the importance of going an extra mile for employees. Whether this meant granting employees an annual reimbursement policy for educational assistance, or giving child tuition reimbursement – he has developed programs to imbibe a culture of continuous learning for both employees and their families.

Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Founder & CEO, QA InfoTech Software Services Pvt. Ltd

Being one amongst the few organizations in India that believes in the well-being of both employees and their families, Mr. Sharma began an innovative practice of reimbursing spouse/child birthdays and anniversary celebrations on an annual basis, along with offering support for child-care.

His people centric style is showcased through multiple initiatives he leads, with a special emphasis on gratitude, trust and mindfulness. During the pandemic, when organizations were frenzied with pay cuts and layoffs, Mr. Sharma granted appraisals to his people.

With a belief that the COVID pandemic has also ushered in a ‘mental health pandemic‘ in the country, QA InfoTech organized multiple sessions with the likes of Sister BK Shivani from the Brahma Kumari Institute and Sonu Sood, the Bollywood actor/philanthropist to help employees in their journey to being fit at all levels.

QA InfoTech Team

Today, when employees grapple with challenges in working remotely and leader accessibility, Mukesh’s team has a different story to share. “We work remotely taking care of the Bangalore operations of the company. Several of our decisions are dependent on his timely response. His fast decision-making really helps me be agile as a leader, instead of getting into an iterative process. Right from closing deals to hiring people, or meeting senior executives at client locations, I have been able to take prompt actions due to his approachability, although we are not co-located,” says a member of his team.

Speaking about the Forbes list of top 100 Great Managers & Leaders, Yashasvi Jaiswal from Great Manager Institute confirms, “This year’s list is even more exciting, because it covers techpreneurs, health care professionals, corporate professionals, social workers, educationists and many more diverse leaders building a great work culture in India, in their own unique way. Technology already plays an outsized role in our lives and techpreneurs like Mukesh Sharma are helping us learn the language of the future through their ventures.”

Education is another cause that strikes a chord with Mr. Sharma, who is also the Chairman & Director of Prometheus School, Noida.

Mukesh holds a Master of Science and Technology in Information Systems from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India, as well as a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management from University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. When he isn’t working, Mukesh engages in golf as a sport.

A philanthropist by nature, he takes keen interest in a diverse set of causes including education for the underprivileged in India.

For the full list, visit here or the website of Forbes India.


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