Startup “Meddey” Changing the Way India Lives & Smiles through Chronic Diseases


Meddey Technologies Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of it’s completely revamped and intuitive website at a company event held at their Delhi office yesterday.

Meddey expands its product range in wellness and chronic diseases segment

“The much-needed requirement of having a simple & friendly website on healthcare devices has been filled after a very long time with this launch. The new interface has been designed keeping in mind the need of our customers and care professionals, thereby providing them an opportunity to make informed choices about their purchase,” says Pawan Arora, Co-founder & CEO.

Meddey is a Delhi based startup which delivers products & solutions for management of chronic diseases at its customer’s doorstep. It has gained 1.2 lakh customers in three years across ~6000 pin codes in India.

It was in 2017, while working for a leading global medical device company, Pawan realised that there is a very large population needing conservative or preventive care as well as post treatment rehabilitation and they were largely unaware (including healthcare professionals) of the role medical technology can play to get them live a better life. Chronic diseases care requires long term management – away from hospital or without constant doctor’s intervention. Pawan shared his dream with his college buddy Alok Kapur, who had deep technology knowledge and together they created the concept of a “curated platform of healthcare products for chronic diseases“. This further got validation when many specialist doctors endorsed the thought and felt the need of having such a solution along with contextual content for awareness of care professionals & patients.

Looking at the lack of any such platform in the healthcare domain, was created where a user can find products based on disease condition, impacted body part or category (like home healthcare). Apart from the intuitive website, to cater to online consumers, company also has an enterprise app for healthcare practitioners to recommend products as well as in-clinic kiosks for instant delivery of certain essential products.

“One of the reasons our customers love coming back to us is the ability to speak with our care team in the whole purchase cycle, right from choice of the suitable product or brand in respective price range to its application as well as after sales support,” says Pawan.

The company has exciting plans to expand its product range and out-reach by creating a hyperlocal model with hubs all over the country. Another major focus area is going to be technology, which is being explored to create a contextual experience for consumers and healthcare professionals based on their preferences and past purchases using Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence tools.

While for now, with ~5,000 transactions a month and ticket size of Rs. 1,000, the company has laid a strong foundation for growth in 2021 & beyond.


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