Story Of home Grown men’s Indian footwear brand Sanfrissco

Story Of home Grown men's Indian footwear brand Sanfrissco

Story Of home Grown men’s Indian footwear brand Sanfrissco

Founded in 2005, San Frissco is a homegrown men’s footwear brand from India’s footwear manufacturing hub, Agra.  Our director Mr. Kuldeep Singh, a celebrated entrepreneur has an undeniable love for shoes and that may be tracked all the way back to his childhood, back in the day anybody who was somebody in Agra was most likely to be involved in the shoe business. 

When Mr. Kuldeep started business in 1993, the market knew him as a shoe manufacturer,  back then the company’s footprint was very small but today after over a decade of experience and hard work the company has 2 major manufacturing plants in the city churning out thousands of pairs every single day. 

With constant improvisation in the designs San Frissco has eventually broadened its range of products by including not just comfortable everyday footwear but also stylish and trendy footwear for the fashion enthusiasts. 

In manufacturing, which is an art that needs expertise, San Frissco as a brand has acquired a deep knowledge of the industry since its inception. That being clubbed with design innovation and expansion in the e-commerce retail network

San Frissco today is a well recognised brand and a reputed industry leader.   For over 20 years, we as a brand have believed in Value; creating value and not just selling shoes. What is special to us is when our end user says, ” I only want San Frissco, that is where there’s value. “

Originally started as a family business catering the mass market with stylish affordable shoes for all age groups, San Frissco is soon to laugh its own premium footwear collection for men on its on website i.e

for those who are looking for homegrown affordable luxe footwear.


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