Stretches for menstrual cramps Yoga Exercises and Menstrual Cramps

Stretches for menstrual cramps

Stretches for menstrual cramps Yoga Exercises and Menstrual Cramps

The days of the menstrual cramps are a battleground inside the uterus. The pain from the cramps makes your body low and inactive. One feels low on energy. Even with heat pads and tea, the pain does not go away. Experts say that exercising is the best way to reduce menstrual cramps. But the body feels too sore to exercise.

During menstrual cramps the body becomes stiffer than usual. There is barely any mobility. With stretching your body feels loose and flexible. Stretching is a great way to reduce menstrual cramps. With stretching the mobility in uterine muscles increases. This leads to flow of blood in  the muscles which reduces contractions and cramps. Here are some stretches to help you reduce the menstrual cramps:

# Curl-up pose

This stretch pose is excellent for lower back cramps during the menstrual cycle. Hug your knees while you sit on the floor. It is necessary to  keep your  chin tucked in the chest. And roll backwards. Using rocking back and front movement. This stretching pose is tough but it is great for your lower back muscles.

# Child’s pose

This stretching pose is the best way to reduce menstrual cramps. All you have to do is sit on a kneeling position resting on the ankles. Take both your arms and stretch them as high as possible. Breathe in and bring your arms to the ground. Hold the stretch as long as you can. Then slowly exhale and repeat the set. This allows your uterine muscles to contract and release the blood flow.

# Hip-hang pose 

This pose helps to deal with the cramps on your lower abdomen. When you do this stretch just bend your knees and keep your feet hips wide apart with your chin tucked in your chest. Try to wiggle your hips sideways. He adds a jolt to the abdominal muscles.

# Block out pose 

For this pose, take a rolled towel. Sit on it with your knees forward. This pose relaxes as the stomach muscle. You have to rub your tummy during this pose and focus on your breathing

# Stomach-release pose 

When your menstrual cramp pain is minimal, then only use this pose. Just lie on your back with palms facing forward. Try to breathe through your belly button. This stretches your pelvic muscles and helps in the blood flow.
Stretching is good anytime for your body. But other than stretching there are other factors that also. It is important to have a check on our lifestyles during menstruation. A healthy lifestyle and regular check-up lead to a smooth period.


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