TCG Digital Introduces tcg mcube 4.0 to Turbocharge CX-A Step towards the Next Orbit


TCG Digital, the flagship IT consulting, data science, and digital transformation company of The Chatterjee Group (TCG) has announced the release of tcg mcube 4.0-a critical upgrade to its state-of-the-art advanced analytics and AI platform. This strategic move will not only help TCG Digital to drive breakthrough innovation and radical change in fast-evolving business environments but also accelerate digital transformation for customers.

tcg mcube is the enterprise analytics platform of choice – scalable, secure and flexible with AI/ML technologies and high performing data management capabilities.

Highlighting Version 4.0, Mr. Debdas Sen, CEO – TCG Digital mentioned, “When we started envisaging tcg mcube five years ago we wanted to build a 360-degree platform. With tcg mcube 4.0 we have moved to the next paradigm. The enhanced version has been launched with a deeper focus on AI-based Computer Vision, IIoT analytics, and NLP. It will enable our clients to scale the analytics maturity curve and gain a sustainable competitive edge.

Real Time Process Analytics captures feeds from tens of thousands of sensors and process controllers (PLCs) in say, a large chemical plant, to create a digital twin model of the plant. AI/ML is used to predict outcomes, analyse root cause, recommend action and improve performance.

With Computer Vision, tcg mcube 4.0 connects to live feeds from video cameras, or captured images, and applies AI/ML to detect objects, persons and events. This has applications in use cases like automated surveillance, equipment maintenance and computer-aided assessment of extent of damage in case of auto-insurance claims.

Natural language processing (NLP) and text mining capabilities of tcg mcube 4.0 can be used to extract actionable and classifiable intelligence from documents, mails or any unstructured data feeds, such as web crawling downloads or transcribed speech. Various applications include matching patient criteria for inclusion in clinical trials, extracting sentiments, and classification of complaints/ grievances texts for automatic routing for resolution.

Apart from these capabilities, some key differentiators of the platform include out-of-the-box data profiling, an improved data lake, advanced log management, an enhanced data export utility, and lean implementation. This is how tcg mcube 4.0, pre-built with a rich library of AI/ML frameworks, promises rapid value realization to users.

TCG Digital has clients in India, Middle East, North and Central America, APAC and Europe, and offices & centres of excellence in India, US, Dubai, and Singapore. Within the country, the company has one of its largest R&D centres in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The launch of tcg mcube 4.0-an upgrade to the core platform follows a strategic joint venture in mid-November, 2020 when TCG Digital joined hands with Lummus Technology to form Lummus Digital ( The joint venture will work with both the company’s existing and potential customers to implement digital analysis and operative solutions in their refining, petrochemical, and gas processing assets and across the hydrocarbon processing value chain. The partnership will allow TCG Digital and Lummus Technology to build on their core competencies and strengths and leverage the immense potential of tcg mcube 4.0 collaboratively.

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