This Republic Day, Pledge Hygienic Drinking with Sippline


Sippline™ urges people to take pledge for hygienic drinking while demonstrating patriotism with the launch of Sippline™ in the three colors of our flag. The intent to drive home the importance of hygienic drinking when out of home, for a healthy and safe nation it is critical to inculcate a sense of hygiene among all. Sippline™, a medical- grade sterilized attachment designed to sit on the rim of a glass mug or a cup while drinking to avoid its direct contact with the mouth, is urging people take this into account, make a lifestyle change and take pledge towards safe drinking from glassware while travelling or dining out. This will reduce the risk of cross contamination from use of glassware in public places.

Sippline, your Drinking Shield

The Republic Day Special SKU is a Special 3 unit pack – each support a color of our flag priced at Rs 249. It will be available for purchase ahead of the Republic Day at Amazon India and Warrier Electronics website.

Sippline, your Drinking Shield

Designed for multiple uses Sippline™, is made of food-grade material, is heat resistant and dishwasher friendly. Sippline™ finish was carefully arrived at to replicate the feel of a glass or a cup. It comes packaged in medical-grade – “no-touch after sterilization until you open“- sealed pouches and hence are bacteria-free.

Commenting on the launch of the Limited Edition, Mr. Rohit Warrier, CEO and Founder, Warrier Safe Shields said, “When the pandemic struck in, we all noticed how people started focusing on their personal hygiene more than ever. Masks and sanitizers became an integral part of each of our lives in order to keep us safe from this deadly virus and prevents the cross-contamination.

However, the personal hygiene is not only restricted to masks and sanitizers until we look at oral hygiene through a fresh lens when it comes to partaking beverages from public places. Glass rims are the most contaminated section of the glass and often we unconsciously clean it before drinking or ask for a glass change. Keeping the significance of oral hygiene in mind, we are now launching new colour variants of the product on this Republic Day to prompt apprehension among people as it is the first oral hygiene drinking shield in the market. I see Sippline not as a mere product but a lifestyle change in how people consume beverages when out of home.”

The Limited Edition colour variants will be available from 22nd January 2021 to 31st January 2021. Sippline™ fits perfectly on most glasses and cups such as Water Goblet, Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, VIVA 48, Pilsner, White Wine, Centro High Ball, Beer Mug. Sippline™ comes in a pocket-friendly dimension of 8 x 4 cm semi-circle weighing less than 5 grams at a pocket-friendly price.


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