TIK-TOK was blocked in India, Users go to Youtube and ASKfm

TIK-TOK was blocked in India, Users go to Youtube and ASKfm

TIK-TOK was blocked in India, Users go to Youtube and ASKfm

On the 29th of July, the Indian Government banned 59 apps by Chinese developers. According to the official report from the Ministry of Electronics&IT, the apps were deemed to be a threat to the Indian national security and public order. Losing Indian followers is a hard blow to TikTok. In the last few months, India has become the largest foreign market for TikTok.

Out of 2 billion downloads worldwide, 611 million were made by Indian users. 

For many Indian people, TikTok has become more than just a social media app. It managed to attract Indians who have never used social media before. For the first time ever it gave people from rural areas a chance to be seen all over the world. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Indians lost their job, and for some of them, TikTok became a way to earn their livelihood. 

The tension between India and China has been running high lately, so when TikTok was accused of leaking Indian customers’ data to the Chinese government, people listened. India’s Computer Emergency Response team says the block was a reaction to multiple complaints from the citizens who were worried about their privacy. So while such a change came as a surprise to some Indians, others sighed with relief.

Even though it saddens them, many Indian TikTok celebrities support the ban. While the app opened a new world to Indians, the threats it posed were too big to ignore. So what does the future hold for Indian TikTok users and creators? Right now they are trying to find ways to fill the void left by TikTok. Let’s take a look at some of them.


The first TikTok alternative that comes to mind is, of course, YouTube. For the TikTokers who feel confident about their content, YouTube feels like a logical next move. However, it would require that they step up their game in terms of skills, equipment and creativity. While TikTok is a phone-based network, on Youtube, it is also important to accommodate computer users. That means better video production skills and higher quality equipment. As for creativity, YouTube is a platform for longer videos, so the creative concepts would have to be developed better.

With that being said, India is a unique culture and perhaps its difference will work to its advantage. People all over the world loved Indian TikTokers for their sincerity, positivity and simplicity. If these people can keep their voices on YouTube, they might have a great future on the platform. YouTube would be a big challenge for them, but for some, it can be a challenge worth taking.


While YouTube is a more obvious option, ASKfm is one of the most promising underdogs. But ASKfm is hardly a newcomer: it can already boast of more than 100 million downloads on App Store and Google Play. It is a social network based on asking and answering questions anonymously. That aspect clearly appeals to young people – in 2019 the users asked a total of 3.5 billion questions. ASKfm is designed to engage people to share just as much about themselves as they want. There’s no room for shyness or embarrassment, so anyone can speak their mind freely without reservations. For shy people, who liked to hide themselves by swiping TikTok videos every day, ASKfm is a place where they can chat with others with no fear of judgment. The platform makes it easy to find people with similar interests, and in such a big country like India, you don’t have to speak English to make many new friends. 

But ASKfm is not only for shy kids. If you want to build your profile and get a lot of attention, you can try your luck with the ASKfm VIP program. VIP users have their questions and answers promoted and get many exclusive bonuses. Since ASKfm is just starting out in India, users who join it now will get a chance to quickly get ahead of everyone else. In such a big country building a large following can be quite easy. 

Finally, there are many ways to boost your personal brand and creativity outside of social media. The most successful social media creators build their brands around their knowledge and talents. So concentrate on connecting with people and developing your skills. Luckily, there are many ways to find people who share your interests. For some, it can be chatting with like-minded people on ASKfm and building their profile thanks to their creativity. Others can find the content they love on YouTube and take inspiration from their favorite creators. 


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