Tile Industry to Thrive Exponentially Post-COVID, says EMCER


Industry researchers have investigated the potential for growth in the ceramics and tiles industry, the results of which look highly positive. Leaders and stakeholders in the tile industry are strongly supporting the statement that the ceramics and tiles market is set to boom in the near future. The lockdown may have resulted in stunted growth in every sector in the industry, likewise in the tiles and ceramics sector. However, once the lockdown started to reverse back, the tile industry was the one to emerge out of the crisis stronger than ever. EMCER tiles, a leader in this segment sheds light on the reasons for this exponential growth.

Mr. Gautam Patel MD – EMCER and Mr. Dipak Patel – CMD EMCER

India ranks in the top 3 countries for tile production in the world and majority of this production takes place in units located in the Morbi cluster in Gujarat. All manufacturing plants were shut at the peak of the lockdown for two entire months and resumed work in June. However, as compared to other industries the recovery for the tile industry was speedy. This is primarily because majority of the tile industry reckoned the value of their labour unit and decided to protect and care for them during this crisis. “Most of the labourers working in the tile industry in Gujarat are migrants from other parts of the country. But they are the most essential part of our business and I’m glad that leaders in our industry recognised this fact early on,” said Mr. Dipak Patel, CMD, EMCER. Businesses continued to provide accommodation and food supply facilities to the labourers and their families despite of production plants being completely shut. This helped the labourers feel a sense of community and belonging and also helped them save the time, energy and resources they would have spent trying to relocate.

As India is a leader in tile manufacturing globally, they also have progressed well over the years with exports of these tiles and ceramics. Improved cashflow system and competitiveness within the tile industry in India and also internationally has pushed for a significant growth in export which is set to be maintained in the coming financial year. The government has also been taking significant measures to nurture the tile industry in our country like extending the implication of anti-dumping duty on imports of cheaper ceramics and vitrified tiles from China. This move has ensured the domestic tile industry remains protected. New markets such as Thailand and Indonesia have also opened up internationally paving way for India’s progress in the tile industry. “Considering the disturbances caused by the pandemic, the tile industry has picked up pace really well. Resumption of the factories and labour force, supply of raw materials were amongst a few issues most industries faced. We, as an industry, chose to value our labour units during those trying times and I believe that paid off well. Besides, the anti-China sentiment has also somehow worked in favour for our industry in India as well as globally,” said Mr. Gautam Patel, Managing Director, EMCER.


With a well-established presence in Indian and international markets alike, the EMCER group operates in accordance with values such as innovation and quality which are deeply rooted in the company’s foundation. EMCER places trust in its extensive human capital, made up of almost 2,000 skilled professionals that are the company’s strength along with its stakeholders.

In less than 3 years, EMCER is present in almost 47 countries worldwide, an achievement that is attributable to the premium quality, strategized corporate efforts and unmatchable business ethics of the organisation.


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