Tips For Surviving through periods in the summer heat

Tip For Surviving through periods in the summer heat

Tips For Surviving through periods in the summer heat

It is April, and you can feel the temperature soaring up. It means summer has arrived. Summer  means the harsh sun. But even in the harsh sun, there is a lot to look forward to, such as beach parties, summer holidays, and summer trips.  Even with the fun, we still cannot deny the hot and humid weather in a tropical country like India. For women, along with battling the summer heat, they have to also battle their monthly periods. 

Periods in the summer can be a difficult situation for many women. There are mood swings, bloating, and period cramps. On top of that is the heat of the summer. Women have to battle with the uncomfortable weather outside and inside their body. But there is a way to survive the periods in summer. Here is a curated guide of surviving through periods in the summer heat

1) Water is your biggest rescuer

Summer means that your body starts to lose water. This causes a huge discomfort during periods as your body tends to retain water. You might feel exhausted  and dehydrated. Drinking water during the summer helps to replenish the fluids and also flush out toxins from the blood, hence keeping your body cooler. Always drink plenty of water during your periods in the summer.

2) Start munching water based foods

In the summer your body needs to be cooled, but while menstruating your body releases heat. It can make you feel uncomfortable. It is preferable to starting munching on water based food items such as kiwi, cucumber, and watermelons. These food items help to keep your body cool, flush out toxins, and also curbs your craving of junk food.

3) Put the junk food into the junk

During your periods you will get the craving to eat  salty and spicy food. Consuming these types of food items leads to discomfort during the summer months. It increases the body heat and causes digestive issues. Eating salty food items leads to gas and bloating. Instead of a bag of french fries, start having fruit salads or yogurt, which will satiate your hunger and keep your body cool.

4) Goodbye to carbonated drinks

Sipping on a cool soda or a coca cola sounds comforting during summer, but it is not good for your body, especially if you are on periods. Aerated drinks dehydrate the body and the caffeine content causes sleeplessness and irritable mood. Switch to drinking coconut water or buttermilk, it has the cooling effect and is also healthy.

5) Take care of your digestion

During periods, women faced constipation or indigestion. This causes discomfort more in the summer months. Irregular bowel irritable mood and bloating in the pelvic region. Consume food high in fiber so that you have regular bowels. This will make your body feel lighter during the periods in the summer.

6) WEar comfortable outfits

Summer outfits should be comfortable, especially during periods. Avoid wearing skinny jeans or tight t-shirts. THe sweat and fabric sticking to the body is uncomfortable and it increases during periods. Wear maxi dress or  loose outfits which will let your skin breathe and not make you feel like ripping your clothes apart.

7) Get out and exercise

Exercising during periods is needed to increase the blood flow and reduce cramps. It becomes equally useful during the summer. Staying agile helps you to beat the summer heat. Going for a swim or a kick-boxing helps you to alleviate mood swings or vent out your anger through the physical exercise. Exercising is an important emotional purge to survive periods in the summer

8) Keep pads and tampons handy

During the summer months, the period flow increases due to the heat. you may feel that you are bleeding more heavily. It is better to keep extra packets of tampons or pads in your bag in case you get heavy bleeding. Also changing tampons and pads regularly, will help to keep the vaginal region fresh and prevent growth of microbes due to sweat and heat

Periods is difficult and so is the summer heat, but it should stop you from having fu


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