Traditional advertising vs Digital advertising

Traditional advertising vs Digital advertising

Traditional advertising vs Digital advertising

For any business, be it small, start-ups, or  big names; the way of advertising has evolved in the last decade.  Advertisement is not limited to just print or television medium, it has expanded its reach to the digital medium. From SMS to pop-up ads, brands are hitting every nook and corner to make their presence felt.  But still there is a question: Which is better, Digital or traditional advertisement? Let us see which is better :

  1. Target Audience

Businesses are defined by target audience. If your business fails to reach the target audience, it might not see the growth. The advertising medium must be different for the target audience. If you are a cab wrap company with taxi tops and commuting, you must make use of digital advertisement as your target audience will be youths and small businesses who wish to advertise themselves in the taxi tops

  1. Time sensitive

The advertisement needs to be time-sensitive. People using TV and reading newspapers have reduced. Posting ads on the digital medium will ensure that the ad is noticed.


  1. Audience interaction

It is imperative for brands to interact with the audience to be sustained in the market. Traditional advertisement limits audience interaction. With digital advertisement and business present on social media, brands can directly engage with customer feedback and improve their product or services. If a small business wants to change their ad on your taxitop, he would engage with you live on social media than just calling and placing a request.

  1. Branding cost

With traditional medium of advertising, it becomes expensive for small business and start-ups to outsource and buy ad space. The digital medium allows them to internally market themselves by having their own website and creating social media pages.  This reduces the branding and marketing cost and the company can focus more on its operations.

  1. Hiring new people

With traditional medium, hiring of new employees gets limited. Scavenging through cv sent by post is a tedious job. With digital medium, you can post job ads easily on the social media. You can even match the skills required and get a glance at the cvs. This saves time and cost to hire personnel.

  1. Measuring success

Traditional advertisements just provides information about the product or service, with digital medium, the cab wrap company can analyse its success of sales through digital analytical tools.  You can easily check through an app, how many people are subscribing to the monthly plan, how many new customers have  joined. Digital media lets you know how the product is functioning in the market.

  1. Building accountability

With traditional advertisement, sharing accountability is not possible.  With digital medium of advertisement, brands are constantly under the scrutiny of consumers. If they are not adding value, they will lose an edge in the market. There is more transparency as consumers get to post reviews and evidence of their experience about the brand which can either enhance or ruin their reputation.


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