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A good break for travel once a year can be helpful to give you a soothing experience. Don’t forget to pack the bags and explore the magnificent places that soothe and nourish you, as it serves as the healing power to the soul. It also helps you to relieve stress from your busy life. Travelling with friends and family allows you to enjoy fewer things in life with those around you. I think people who are travelers, they personally feel relief. Exploring the world is one of the best ways of exploring the mind, and walking travels both areas. Anjum Khanna says, “Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore More, Expect Least.”

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We all must travel more and more often. Even if you cant travel often, explore a new place at least once every year. Promise to visit at least once a year. Many travelers say that travel makes you a storyteller, opens up your eyes, changes the way you look at life, or makes you feel alive, thats all I wanted to say. Travel can transform you into a better person.

Anjum Khanna has shared some reasons that really make you feel like you need to travel.

Not only travel is Good for your Mental Health, you also expose yourself to what’s happening around the world, your outlook to see things radically shifts. As per Anjum Khanna travel becomes pertinent if you just had a breakup, maybe you are frustrated with your work life and personal life or something else. And even if you are not unhappy, your mind needs peace from your day to day tasks. So, we need to take a break & travel is like a meditation. Travel can calm your mind, and bring it back to peace. It is good for your mental health.

Anjum also believes in the importance of travel and how it uncages you from this chaotic world, I am sure all of us have realized there’s so much chaos going around everyday! Anjum Khanna has only one mantra, “Go outside and see the world“. You will know that your problems are so low! Try adventures like scuba diving, skydiving, river rafting, skiing in the snow or paragliding. Get out of your routine, adventure is waiting for you.

The world is an open book, learning about different cultures. The world is an open book and one must not forget to read, opines Anjum Khanna. Do not just observe the beauty, but incorporate it in you. There is a lot of knowledge, so much to be learned. So many cultures you never knew, so many types of food that you never tasted. When there is so much to see and know in this world, how can you not travel

It makes you feel ALIVE! If your today is the same as yours yesterday, are you also living The life you live daily is not just for living life. Anjum Khanna says, there is so much in this world and work is just part of your life. Just look beyond the imagination. The world is full of beauty. There is so much to see, you will feel blessed that you have got this life to feel the world.

Say ‘hello‘ to yourself. Amid regular life, we lose ourselves. We forget to live, and we just end. When you travel, in the middle of the world, you will meet yourself. Travel brings you back to yourself. Yes, this is true. Sometimes you discover something new about yourself. Maybe you have new interests or love for something. So, travelling is essential every once in a while, you need to get away from city life as soon as possible, just to meet yourself.

Anjum Khanna believes in preserving the beauty before it gets destroyed

When you travel, you come across different people. You will meet people from different backgrounds, these people make your travels even more enjoyable. Sometimes, such people occupy someplace in your heart, they turn into a family.

Because when you return, something in your mind will change

After seeing that clear sky, breathing fresh air, seeing clean rivers, after being lost in the vastness of those forests, or after smelling those flowers, you would want to preserve all this beauty. Due to environmental issues, you will appeal to maintain this beauty. In the next 10 years when you feel that your heart will cry, if we do nothing to preserve it today, half the beauty will disappear.

Always take a break at least once a year and travel to new places, this way you can relax and give your soul a heartfelt relief from city life.

Anjum Khanna is a passionate traveler who lives in Delhi, he loves to travel the world. He believes, “We are born only once, so why waste it sitting at home and watching TV, Explore the world and capture the beauty.” I request my viewers to comment and tell me which travel location they want to go to and I will share some tips on that.

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