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  • EasyShiksha is an online platform that aims to revolutionize the education sector.

  • This Platform has recently added 100+ courses and programs related to emerging fields. Whether it is a development of smart and technical skills for guidance and help or improvement in knowledge, EasyShiksha takes a step ahead in imparting and imbibing quality

EasyShiksha an endeavour and a vision by the team of HawksCode to revolutionize the education sector has digitally added to the courses offered online as per the market trends, is imparting analytical skills and meeting the practical requirements of the society with world-class infrastructure quality for aspirants anywhere and anytime on their respective screens. Programs have been incorporated after due research on market trends, disruptions in technology following Industrial Revolution 4.0 and are related to emerging fields viz., AI, Machine Learning, Content Marketing, Gaming, Web Designing, Core Language Coding etc.

EasyShiksha – No. #1 eLearning platform

By evolving and continuously working on the basic infrastructure of education and skill development for the nation, EasyShiksha aims to reach every user by providing diversified courses and ensuring ease of inaccessibility. Subjects offered at the platform meet the quality standards at the global level, which can enrich the learners with world quality education and training programs and thereby enrich them to make a difference by leading and enabling future growth for everyone.

The courses that have been offered are according to the market trends and the quintessential need of living practically, in today’s world. Some of them are as follows

Digital Marketing, Linux Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Photography, ITIL Service Management

Fundamentals of Six SIGMA, Fundamentals of International Business Management, and many others.

EasyShiksha is unveiling the courses related to emerging fields and at the same time trying to further expand the diversity of courses in other specializations as per the growing opportunities in the future across the world. Also, the platform assures everybody about regularity in adding and updating the specializations.

The current market trends show the employment opportunities, sectoral growth in the post-pandemic era and also the economic slowdown is affecting the career streams of individuals drastically. The new generation wishes for a future in growth-oriented sectors amidst all uncertainties. Based on these patterns, EasyShiksha provides growth-oriented courses, with a promise to never give up on quality standards.

The mayhem situation over the top has created a mental toll, which is either the influx of plenty of information about n number of courses from around the globe, to daily calls and emails, about the prospectus of courses and skills being offered to learn from or either no definite information about the courses, the indexes or the overview of any particular course one wishes to opt for. The lack of programs according to present trends and the information on the mode of them being offered, and their actual availability. This is just the information management level though. Numerous other issues focus on the number of courses rather than the infrastructure and quality of the courses. This has made the current lot of generation, unaware of their potential and seem to have developed a low confidence level about their decision-making ability and regarding the competency of skills and stream selection criteria. These factors are increasing the burden on the growing minds for the whereabouts of the course.

As the solution to these recurring and engraving problems, EasyShiksha visions, to assist every aspirant with the information of online programs of various skills, including a wide range of subjects from the emerging fields with the full core and detail-oriented, explanatory courses themselves. Anyone can gather information about the course and students can easily enrol for the course of their choice with just one click. With these courses, students can stay ahead with knowledge and always be ready for the future, In any circumstances.

The Industry-recognized Certifications are available for all the programs available at EasyShiksha.

These kinds of certificates from the most valuable firms or industries help students to grab jobs in the industry more easily as compared to those who do not have a certificate because as per the current scenario, certification of any course helps to prove ones ability in a better way. Knowledge with proof is always a win-win situation.

Mr. Sunil Sharma, the CEO of EasyShiksha said, “EasyShiksha has the vision to standardize the skills and education among every individual to make it easily accessible from rural to urban. No one in any sphere of life remains deprived of the opportunity to learn and grow, irrespective of economic, social, or cultural barriers. Thus our team visions to provide a platform to everyone especially in India, under the program Make in India, by making and strengthening the human resource and using them to their full potential and thus emerging as world leaders. Our collective aim is to provide affordable and easy learning assistance to every dreamer, and thus make dreaming everyone’s cup of tea.”

To get the full benefit of any course the foremost thing is that the candidate should be willing to learn and want to achieve something in their life. Enrollment should not be done under any kind of peer pressure or just to add one more skill to your resume; this will be a complete waste of valuable time and money.

EasyShiksha provides lots of Internships and Training programs, which directly boost career and give relevant exposure to all the concerned entities which makes them highly employable and equips the candidates with working solutions. The certificates in every internship and training are valid in all the universities and colleges, across the globe.

About EasyShiksha

EasyShiksha helps in maintaining the top-notch intelligence quotient and e-learning base to everyone, with just a click. The platform was initiated in 2012 as a life hack to Students, Faculty Members, Educational & Digital Training Institutes, Universities, Online Distance Learning Schools, Coachings, and even parents.

It is a one-stop solution and sure-shot decision enhancing entity, with an easy & user-friendly interface. EasyShiksha provides certification courses for the most diverse online programs which are valid and accepted across all industries and institutions.

The 5 modules under our format include information for all the universities and colleges across the globe, E-learning Courses in 1000+ fields, a Career helping guide based on IQ and aptitude, Regularly Updated daily test series for all Competitive exams, and Student Campus Ambassador Programs.

Some of the feathers to our hat are as following

Top-25 Startups in Rajasthan Digifest 2017 by the honourable Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Featured in “Top 20 EdTech Startups – 2018 in India“, “Indias 10 Best online Education providers, 2019“, “Global Educational Influencers 2020” and others.

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