WSquare becomes First Team from TN to be Selected for Enpact’s Program Designers’ Lab


WSquare is India’s First Incubation Program for Women and has created an ecosystem across India of over 1 lakh women entrepreneurs and women on career break, with mentorship, re-skilling programs, digital transformation, networking and other 80+ initiatives.

L to R: Jinal & Vandhana, Co-founders

enpact is one of the world leaders in cultivation of startup ecosystems, a Berlin-headquartered non-profit organization empowering entrepreneurship, ecosystems and international cooperation.

The Program Designer’s Lab is a capacity building training created by enpact to support accelerators, incubators, associations, NGOs, and ecosystem enablers at large who want to develop innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship programs. enpact is implementing the PDL in India for a consecutive second year as part of “The Female Entrepreneurship in Berlin and India” (FEBI) project.

Especially in these difficult times, we are pleased to be able to continue supporting women entrepreneurs in India through valuable development cooperation. Despite various limitations, the creation of synergies and collaborations across borders is essential to drive innovation and learn from each other. Even if the real face-to-face cannot be replaced, the PDL proves that collaboration can also succeed virtually. The participants were able to develop remarkable ideas, exchange experiences and learn from each other in a very short time and under challenging conditions. From this point of view, the kick-off of the second cohort of PDL in India can be seen as a big success and we are looking forward to supporting the further development of the participants and their projects,” says the Director of enpact e.V., Wail Daoud.

Vandhana Ramanathan & Jinal Patel, the Co-founders of Chennai’s own WSquare is the First Team from Tamil Nadu to be selected for the FEBI Project that supports the development and growth of women-led companies in both regions through networking, training, and delegation trips. The project brings together female startup founders and business leaders, as well as support institutions such as accelerators, incubators, NGOs, and international startup ecosystem actors for delegation trips to India and Berlin which will take place partly during the AsiaBerlin Summit.

Women need to be financially independent and they require motivation through more role models, which we hope to build through this program with global access and building a robust model,” says Vandhana. “Our vision is to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in India to 50%. We have been keen on understanding the challenges faced by women and this has helped in formulating the strategies of WSquare in these years, which we will be implementing into the program as well,” says Jinal Patel.


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