Yoga poses to beat menstrual cramps

Yoga poses to beat menstrual cramps

Yoga poses to beat menstrual cramps.

Menstrual cramps are the worst enemies. Your body creates a personal hell. Women during such times often become recluse. Period cramps can make your body feel weak. It also makes your daily routine go for a toss. Your body becomes stiff with muscular spasms. You can always reduce the pain through hot water bags and pain killers.

But the best way to beat menstrual cramps is through exercising. Exercising is your savior during periods. It releases the pain killing hormones- serotonin and endorphins. This alleviates your menstrual cramps. But often your body might be sore to go for a jog or a run. Do not fret. There  is also yoga. Yoga has a positive effect on your body during period cramps. Yoga helps to increase the flexibility of muscles and also clear your mind from the thought of pain. These yoga poses will help you to beat menstrual cramps

# The corpse pose

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This pose helps you to get rid of back and neck pain. It is useful for reducing period cramps. The pose helps to support the muscles in your stomach area. Start the pose by sitting cross-legged. Slowly lie down with your hands on the side of your hips. You will feel  the stretch in your thigh muscles and the spine. Hold this position for a while and you will feel the slow release of hormones. This helps to relax your uterine muscles

# Child’s pose

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This resting pose in yoga classes helps you to alleviate a lot of health problems. It helps you to get rid of bad posture and ensures proper alignment of the spine. The child’s pose help to increase muscle contractions in the uterus and reduce cramps.  Get down on a kneeling position, resting your legs on the thighs, then lean forward. Hold the pose for a minute. This helps to relax your muscles. Take deep breaths before repeating the pose.

# The arched pigeon

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This pose is excellent for build the body’s flexibility and loosen your muscles. The pose is almost a half split where one leg is stretched back and the other is bended out in the front, with you leaning forward.  Try to stretch yourself upwards by putting your hands on the floor for support. You will feel a stretch on your stomach and hip muscles. Take long deep breathes. You will feel your uterine muscles stretching  and the release of endorphins to relief the pain.

# Supine Twist

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This yoga pose helps in eliminating toxins and refresh your visceral organs. Lie on your back and move one leg in bending L shaped position. This helps to stretch your thigh muscles and ease the period cramps.

# Cat-Cow pose

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This position makes your body more active. This is essential for warming up your body. The abdominal muscles are stretched in this position. The pose in beneficial for flow of hormones and maintaining body coordination.

The body requires to be smoothened from pain during periods. Yoga holistically helps to clean your body out of toxins and also divert your attention from pain. Regular practice of yoga helps you to beat menstrual cramps


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