Zreyasa, a personal hygiene brand launched its essential hygiene gift box this festive season


Zreyasa, a personal hygiene brand launched its essential hygiene gift box this festive season .

November 2020:

Zreyasa, a personal health and hygiene brand recently launched its essential hygiene gift box this festive season. The high-quality and cruelty-free brand has curated a special box called ‘The Box of Safety’ that includes seven essential hygiene products within it. Building on today’s need for personal and domestic hygiene products, Zreyasa strives to provide you with safer hygienic products for a better tomorrow. 

Zreyasa’s Box of Safety aims to serve consumers’ needs by providing them all-around protection during the festive season. The Box of Safety includes products like Zboost Immunity Booster Tablets, AlcohPure Multipurpose, Disinfectant Spray, Alcohsafe Alcohol Wipes, Alcohpure Hand Sanitizer Gel, Alcohpure Plus Spray, Alcohpure Hand Sanitizer Gel, and KN95 Face Masks. 

Amidst the prolonged pandemic, Zreyasa aims to bring relevant innovations in the market to serve consumer needs in the pandemic-cum-festive period. The products within the essential hygiene gift box contain 70% Alcohol, as recommended by WHO to disinfect your home and surroundings. The launch is also corroborated with what consumers need the most and is expected to purchase more of.

Commenting on the launch, Diwaker Vasistha, the founder of Zreyasa said, “At Zreyasa we believe caring starts at home. We wanted to provide the safest products for all that comes within a single box. Hence we came up with the idea of ‘The Safety Box’ for the festive season by curating a gift box that includes essential hygiene products. This festive season is going to be different given the current situation; the need for hygiene products is on the rise. Thus The Safety Box is what you and your loved ones need most.” 

Hurry! Gear up this festive season with a The Box of Safety. Visit the official website to know more https://zreyasa.com/

About Zreyasa

Zreyasa is a personal care product brand with a mission of setting an example of environmental responsibility and leadership for the generations to come. Zreyasa works with a clear and unobscured vision so as to become a prominent leader, reference, and encourager for those customers who are in search of unique and effective products that can make their well-being more enhanced and developed.


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