Ajasra launches Reservzy- an appointment booking and scheduling system for independent service providers

Ajasra launches Reservzy- an appointment booking and scheduling system for independent service providers

Reservzy is a cloud bases online appointment booking system that can be utilized in multiple industries,  that require appointment booking. The main application with the current version of the system can support salons, spas, legal advisors, dental specialists, specialists, accountants, and considerably more.

Reservzy offers a mobile app as well as a web app. The mobile app is only for service consumers, while the web app can be used by both service providers and consumers. While the primary variant of the item is live, there are more highlights the item would hold Some of them are. Get every one of your arrangements at your fingertips 

The development for the second phase has begun, which would include new features
1. Slot bookings
2. Customised theme
3. White label integrations
4. Personalised offers
5. Reminders for rebooking of services and much more
We additionally plan to foster industry-specific modules for the clients that utilize our application and create full-fledged systems for overall bookings. For eg:- dental SaaS or cloud-based exercise center administration framework. The second phase of development would allow us to serve multiple industries like gyms, sports complexes, online webinars, inter-organizational use for enterprises.

reservzy.com was created by ajasratech.com. Ajasra is a design thinking-led web and mobile app development organization offering types of assistance to customers worldwide. the startup found at Ahmedabad – Gujarat.

Reservzy’s current discounted plans come at a very nominal rate from INR 69 to INR 199 each month. These prices are kept in mind in the current trial phase. All users opting now would receive new features at no additional costs.

Different advantages of using Reservzy: Personalized Times, Sync Manual Appointments, Precise Location, Custom Page, Recurring Bookings, Personal Reminders.

The vision of the product is not simply to offer reserving platform.  We aim to create a platform where brands can onboard to be able to access centralized data, measure performance, and make informed decisions for their businesses.

Reservzy application: android app

contact with Reservzy:  info@reservzy.com

about  Ajasratech: When Ajasra began, the idea behind it was to begin something that has no limits which is the exact meaning of the word Ajasra. It is a Sanskrit word (Sticking to the roots) that signifies “something that continues to run ceaselessly”. Our logo additionally implies and is motivated by infinity. In this manner, lining up with our central goal and vision of building something without any limits while continually adhering to the underlying foundations of beginning


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