Arfeen Khan: The Coach to a Fortune Foundation X


A few months ago, in December we witnessed the magic that Arfeen Khan created with his 2 Day virtual mega event, with over 4000 aspiring, highly driven coaches. Hrithik Roshan and Bhoomi Pednekar also joined virtually and shared their insights and inspired thousands of people to become coaches and impact millions of lives across the world.

Arfeen Khan

Arfeen Khan is back with the magic, and this time its bigger, more magical and the transformation has gone to a whole new level!

Arfeen is doing another 2-day mega event on 13th – 14th February 2021, and this time there are going to be more than 6000 coaches worldwide! Arfeen has already set a benchmark with his previous event by using massive 12 feet tall and 80 feet wide screens, combined with state of the art technology and a relentless team of experts who pulled off Asias biggest virtual event and hes bringing the virtual event back again, with an experience that has never been created before.

Arfeen Khan

Arfeen is not stopping, hes growing, and his burning desire to accomplish his mission is growing stronger day by day! The day is not far when there is a massive force of thousands of coaches, all working together with one ultimate outcome, that is to transform millions of lives across the world. Even in COVID times, especially in COVID times, Arfeen has quadrupled his efforts. This virtual mega event is creating a huge wave already that will not only transform thousands of people but will also inspire them to become incredible coaches.

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