Bringing the ‘Joy of Running’ to Life with New Gurugram Half-marathon


It is often said that marathons make us forget the miles but remember the glory. Keeping this spirit in consideration, New Gurugram held its first-ever half-marathon on 28th March 2021. The event took place at the most picturesque and scenic location on NH-8, the Karma Lakelands, Gurugram. A luxury residence, Klub and golf resort with no traffic and external chaos except the rhythmic tapping of the participants’ feet served as an ideal place for a healthy initiative such as a half-marathon.

Participants Particings at New Gurugram Half Marathon

The event was organised by Coach Ravinder, one of the leading run catalysts and Sports Events Organisers in NCR. Starting at 5 am amidst the cooing of the birds and comprising a diversity of races with participants from leading corporate houses participating, it was proven to be a great success.

Participants Particings at New Gurugram Half Marathon

The half marathon also attracted senior-level employees, CXOs, who enjoy adventure sports and were active participants in the marathon. The event involved significant participation from the embassies as well. With a short-distance race for juniors, the marathon saw other considerate activities, making itself the talk of the town while achieving a milestone of gaining immense traction amongst people of the city.

The event was safeguarded by Police personnel who ensured safe passage for runners and other arrangements such as ambulances, fire brigades, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and sports injury experts were also made at major junctions. The organisers further took care of periodic refreshments for the runners and inspired people to participate in such events actively.

The winners of the half-marathon and 10.5 km run were Prince Nagar, Veronika Cencen, Aman Kumar, Priyanka Sharma, Rajneesh Kumar and Deepika. The runner ups in other categories included Darshan Kumar Gautam, Samjana Rai Nischal, Hidayat Ali, Sona Yadav, Abhishek Gautam and Shital Gupta.

New Gurugrams half-marathon was successfully concluded at Karma Lakelands, giving everyone an opportunity to breathe in nature’s lap for a while. The city now looks forward to more of such events while the luxury green resort awaits to serve people with warm hospitality and an alluring ambience.


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