Discovery Education Powers India’s First Online School, K8 School, with High Quality Learning Content


In one of the most path-breaking developments that could change the way online school education is delivered to students in India, now and in future, K8 School, India’s first and only Cognia-accredited online school announced its content partnership with Discovery Education, USA. Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms. Through its award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia resources, and the largest professional learning network of its kind, Discovery Education is transforming teaching and learning, creating immersive STEM experiences, and improving academic achievement around the globe. Discovery Education’s services are available in approximately half of U.S. classrooms and primary schools in the U.K. and reach over 5 million educators and 51 million students in more than 90 countries. Through this new content partnership, K8 school will now provide Discovery Education’s award-winning learning content to all its students across the country.

K8 School – Discovery Education

K8 School is providing 100% online school to Indian students from KG to Grade 8 and is accredited by Cognia, the world’s largest and most prestigious school accreditor with a history of more than 125 years of school improvement and educational excellence.

Sharad Bhatia, Founder and CEO of K8 School, while discussing why K8 School decided to partner with Discovery Education says, “The primary fabric of virtual teaching has a completely different feel as compared to that of traditional classroom teaching. Same content, same style and same size of classrooms in a virtual set-up is rendering teaching and learning far less effective. Children aren’t going to school like they used to and they need something different and something extra to keep them engaged from the comfort of their homes. They need content that is immersive, that talks to them and that catalyses their hunger to learn and understand. A lot of parents who I talk to tell me that their children aren’t as mentally active as they were about a year ago and that they have enrolled their children in various tuitions and online classes other than those in school to keep them busy. How long will this go on Keeping children busy with classes with the expectation that they will at least learn something by default, isn’t the solution. Research has proven that learning is far more effective if students are able to see and experience how concepts unfold in real-life scenarios because then they can relate better to those concepts. We could see all of this coming and that is why we founded K8 School in the first place. At a time when students around the world are enjoying the privilege of accessing high-quality learning content, why should our children in India be left behind.

In the official statement issued on this new association with Discovery Education, he adds, “Keeping the interests of schoolers in India, I am excited to announce that K8 School has now forged a content-partnership with Discovery Education. We will offer STEM Connect, Science Techbook and Coding curriculum packs of Discovery Education to all our students absolutely free of cost. Our mission is to ensure that all students at K8 School get the best world-class education so that they can compete with their peers and age-groups across the globe. Our maximum teacher to student ratio is 9:1. Students get exposure to culturally-divergent peer groups from all over the country, a host of extra-curricular activities, conversations with experts from different industries and careers, personal and academic counselling and so much more, thus making learning more experiential, engaging, immersive. And if you look at the large bouquet of services that we are providing students, you will conclude that we are the most affordable accredited online school in the world. Plus we are offering lots of scholarships as well under our flagship ‘Surakshit Bharat, Sashakt Bharat Scholarship Program‘. Our school operates in a way so that students get time to pursue their career goals on one hand and focus on their academics on the other. We have many more partnerships in the pipeline as we are ready to support parents and students by preparing them for the future. Our aspiration is to become the best online school in the world within the next 2 years.


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