How to prevent odor during periods?

How to prevent odor during periods?

How to prevent odor during periods?

Periods are war zones inside a woman’s body. The cramps and the bloating makes the body uncomfortable and painful for many women. However, there are a handful of women for whom periods are easy and not a war. It is just like any other day. Still one problem persists: period odour.  The period odour causes social discomfort and is one of the reasons that women hesitate to go out during periods.  Period odour  is often due to unhygienic conditions, but it is not exclusive. Women who are super hygienic also face this problem

During the menstrual cycle, there are changes going inside our body. This leads to the changes in our body odour as different hormones are secreted. Also, during periods, blood, bacteria, vaginal mucus is also excreted that leads to the funny odour. Sometimes it is normal, but there are ways you can prevent this. Here are guided steps through which you can have an odour free period:

# Fishy smell = bacterial growth

Many women get the fishy odour during their periods. This fishy odour is a sign of an infection in the genitals and is more pungent than the normal period odour. Bacterial vaginosis is the infection accompanied by burning and itchiness. It is easily treated with consuming antibiotics and cleaning the area with anti-bacterial wipes

# Bathe regularly

In the winter months, women also feel lazy to get out of their cosy blankets and take a shower. During periods, this is extremely important to maintain a hygienic routine and take showers regularly. This will help to prevent microbial growth and prevent the period odour.

# Keep the area dry

After urinating or changing the pads, the area must be washed. After washing use a clean cloth or baby wipes to wipe and keep it dry. Presence of moisture leads to fungal growth and causes the odour. During periods, this fungal infection might be increased, hence keeping the vaginal area clean and dry.

# Sweat is not cool

It is great to sweat it out in the gym during periods, but it is also important not to stay in those sweaty gym clothes, especially during periods. Change clothes frequently. This prevents growth of microbes and keeps the body odour free.

# clean underwear

Wash your stained underwear and put on new ones while changing your pads. Clean underwear is a must during periods. This prevents infection. If you have heavy periods, have spare pairs of underwear. Try using cotton underwear as it lets your vaginal area breathe and allows passage of air.

# Wear airy clothes

It is preferable to wear skirts or dresses during periods. The area between your inner thighs and vagina should not be covered in sweat. The more airy clothes, the less of period odour

# Change pads regularly

It goes without saying that it is crucial to change pads at least six times a day during periods. This keeps the vaginal area clean. Overfilled pads if not changed starts to smell and causes period odour.  Changing pads regularly is healthy menstrual practice. It is also preferable to wear cotton pads as it keeps  the area dry and airy.

# No scented tampons

Scented tampons can cause allergic reactions and lead to infections. It also  reduces  vagina’s natural protection shield against infections. Scented tampons cause irritation and itching, leading to bacterial and ph level imbalance in the vagina, causing the menstrual odour.

# Use menstrual cups

These are environment friendly and last upto 8 hours. For those who are lazy or busy, or cannot afford pads or tampons, the menstrual cups are helpful. It  also leads to less menstrual odour and is cost effective

Even with all these steps, if the dour persists with itchiness, it is crucial to visit the doctor and know the root problem. Having a healthy period habit is the first step to prevent period odour. Eating the right kinds of food also contributes to menstrual odour. Healthy eating and lifestyle choices lead to healthy and odour free periods.


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