Lieutenant Governor of J&K Manoj Sinha Virtually Announces the Launch of the PanIIT Alumni India Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021: PIWOT 2021


Hon. Lt. Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Shri Manoj Sinha announced the virtual launch of a breakthrough initiative by PanIIT, the Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021, under the umbrella initiative PanIIT – World of Technology (PI-WOT).

Hon. Lt. Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Shri Manoj Sinha announcing the launch of – Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021, under the umbrella initiative ‘PanIIT – World of Technology (PI-WOT)

The Global Virtual Technology Summit will be held on 26th and 27th June 2021 (IST). It is expected to showcase 15,000 participants and 2000 submissions for the Hackathon, with 500-800 teams participating in the competing rounds.

PanIITs Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021 also presents a Startup Showcase, bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, experts, and researchers to interact with and learn from each other. This is set to open up pathways towards immensely beneficial professional and personal networks.

As part of the Summit, a Global Hackathon event will showcase the applicability of technologies by some of today’s best minds, to solve current and future problems with the creation of pathbreaking products and services.

Registration for the event is free and open at the PanIIT Alumni India website,

Lt. Guv. of J&K Shri Manoj Sinha announcing the launch of – Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021 under the umbrella initiative ‘PanIIT – World of Technology (PI-WOT) at a virtual ceremony

Throwing light on this ambitious event, Krishen Dhar, Chairman of PanIIT Alumni India, says, “The conference aims at introducing new thinking in the development of opportunities and possibilities in various fields of technology, by bringing together the leading thinkers of our times, paving the way for new collaborations, and incubation of ideas.”

Conference Chair Arun Jain said, “PI-WOT is not just a conference but a moment to bring thought leaders, innovators, disruptors and changemakers from every market segment together on a platform to inspire and motivate each one of us to use cutting edge technologies to design and define a better future.”

Sunil Khanna, Chair Sponsorship, said that “The conference provides an opportunity for pathbreaking collaborations across the world. He also introduced Manoj Sinha, who is himself an IITian, having done his graduation and post-graduation from IIT(BHU) Varanasi.”

The world has seen pivotal changes in the last 12 months. The year 2020 forced us to make drastic changes in the ways in which we live and work. There has been a sea change in the way we use technology in our everyday lives. And yet technology continues to advance at an astonishing rate. New opportunities and for research and business emerge all the time. PanIIT’s Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021 – World of Technology (PI-WOT) provides a platform to understand the direction and pace of these technological changes, how they will affect us, and how India can seize these emerging opportunities to benefit India and the world.

About PanIIT

PanIIT Alumni India is a Society registered in 2006 to promote networking among alumni of all the IITs and to give expression to the desire of IIT alumni to give back to their alma maters, to society and the nation. The Alumni Associations of the IITs are its Institutional Members. PanIIT has undertaken several projects and programmes which promote an understanding of new technologies, their likely impact on society and the emerging opportunities for India. PanIIT also works with the IITs to provide alumni support in matters of concern to them, and provide networking support and mentorship needed by students and young alumni. The PanIIT alumni movement exists in many countries all round the world, wherever there are IIT alumni.


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