Look beyond the labels with Saltpetre, a digital-first sustainable lifestyle brand

Look beyond the labels with Saltpetre, a digital-first sustainable lifestyle brand

Launched in 2017, Saltpetre is a sustainable lifestyle brand of modern, functional fashion, beauty and home goods. Saltpetre (/ˌsɔːltˈpiːtə(r)/), meaning the salt of rock, was founded by Pooja Monga, an ex-Unilever who is an ardent advocate of a minimalist lifestyle. 

The brand has been recognised for its green credentials by United Nations India, Lakme India Fashion Week, CNBC TV18, among others.

The brand offers a range of modern everyday lifestyle products under categories of apparel, skincare & home accents for wellness-conscious cosmopolites across the world. At every step of production, the brand weighs its options and makes a choice to select procedures and raw materials that are less taxing on the environment. Needless to say, the packaging is completely free of plastic! All in all, the brand is here to promote a holistic sustainable lifestyle, be it food, fashion, travel, or everyday living. The brand is here to make sustainability accessible. 

Under fashion, they are currently serving women and kids with their clean & comfortable lounge sets, t-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, joggers and more. What’s exciting is their kidswear is gender-neutral and easy-breezy. Saltpetre will soon be launching menswear too. 

The brand offers a line of natural skincare products ranging from face scrubs, bath soaps and body butters to eye balms, tint balms and lip balms, among other products. 

They also have a line of home accents with eco-friendly beeswax candles being one of their highest selling products. Other products in this category include scented pouches, soft toys made of up-cycled fabric, handwoven table napkins, and more. 

Website Link: https://iamsaltpetre.com

About Pooja Monga: 

A graduate from the prestigious Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA), Pooja has 7 plus years of brand building experience, with companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), Hero MotoCorp, among others. 

It was her corporate experience that made her realize how trends and excesses are often short-lived and earth-burdening.  

Being an ardent advocate of a minimalist lifestyle, Pooja believes that the shift from ephemeral trends to earth-friendly brands is a necessity. She launched Saltpetre in 2017 with an intention of making sustainable lifestyle products accessible. She likes to call herself a business mind that is in service of a green heart.


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