Multi Award Winning Documentary on Indian Rock ‘Rockumentary-Evolution of Indian Rock’ Releasing on March 5 in PVRs Exclusively


Rock n Roll Music came into India from the West. At the time, ‘Bollywood‘ & Indian ‘Classical‘ music were hugely popular in the country, while Rock was almost unknown. In the decades immediately following Independence, Rock culture was perceived as “Counter-Cultural“. 50 years on, that preconception has flipped: Rock is seen as popular music’s “Establishment” in India.

Rockumentary Poster

This film tells the story of how Rock – a Western genre multiplied in India despite stiff cultural resistance from the country’s rich classical heritage & Bollywood’s musical dominance. It captures the journey from the roots of Indian Rock – the distant Big Bands of the 1930s – through India’s Rock pioneers in the 60s, 70s and 80s to today’s Rock Stars.

Current Indian Rockers drive the thriving independent music industry, loved and celebrated by millions of enthusiastic fans in India and around the world. This concept is brought to life through interviews with veteran & current music artists, who have been the newel of the evolution of the Rock n Roll genre in India.

40 bands have been selected for interview on the basis of their outstanding contribution to Rock in India – from post-Independence up to the contemporary scene. This documentary examines societal shifts from 10 regions of India chronicling that gradual acceptance of Rock to its flourishing state, today.

The film highlights the dedication and hardship lived by India’s pioneering Rock icons from the 50s, 60s & 70s. It illuminates the circumstances that nurtured Rock n Roll to blossom into a Culture, solidifying – now – into a way of life for the youth of this country.

More broadly, the film shines a light on a cluster of mission-driven entrepreneurial ventures promoting this genre across India from its earliest days. This eco-system includes record labels, magazines, social clubs, contests, venues, theatres & pubs.

As Rock developed in India, it became fertile ground for the seeds of many music genres, such as Indie Rock & Sufi music. With Bollywood film hits like Rockstar, the genre splashed onto millions of screens across the country, expanding Rock’s popularity exponentially.

The film explains why international music legends like Sting, Robert Plant and Iron Maiden recognize India as appreciative of their music, creativity & art.

The Film releases across select screens at PVR exclusively on 5th March 2021.


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