SRAM & MRAM Fortifies Brand “Walletz4u”


The SRAM & MRAM Group, a global conglomerate headquartered in United Kingdom with operations spread across continents, has been at the forefront of providing solutions to COVID-19, since the onslaught of the pandemic in 2019. The group has been engaged in various research and development activities exclusively to produce different products to protect the people from the pandemic.


SRAM & MRAM has been engaged in proving a wide variety of PPE products and solutions such as Gloves, Sanitisers, PPE Gowns, Face Shields, Pharma API’s etc, under the brand name of “Walletz4u” to fight the pandemic.

Understanding clearly the business philosophy that strong brand is essential for any business to succeed on a global level, SRAM & MRAM, has been promoting its flagship brand of “Walletz4u” products. Having established as one of the leading suppliers of gloves of varying specifications, shapes and sizes and contours, SRAM & MRAM Group has been aggressively focusing on other products as well.

The demand for Gloves, Sanitizers, PPE Gowns, Face Shields, Pharma API’s etc, is ever increasing across the globe. Sensing the need to cater to the demand, SRAM & MRAM has been has set up 12 factories across Malaysia, Vietnam and India to produce these products under the brand of “Walletz4u“. Besides, the group has plans to setup another 40 factories within a span of 6 months across the globe to help build a viable PPE market.

With the launch of “Walletz4u“, SRAM & MRAM joins the leading players to sell their own brand of gloves across the globe. SRAM & MRAM has been associated with multiple partner manufacturers in order to strengthen the manufacturing capability and are currently looking to create a big foothold on the gloves, rubber and latex products across the globe.

The threat of COVID-19 has been still increasing steadily despite stringent vaccination measures by the Governments across the globe. With newer strains emerging regularly, it virtually poses a greater challenge to healthcare authorities across the globe. Countries are increasingly lending a helping hand to others and for once geographical barriers are no longer a hindrance to get help.

Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman, SRAM & MRAM Group, has ambitious plans to make SRAM & MRAM Group a leading and trusted name to manufacture PPE and other rubber and latex products. He has envisioned that SRAM would have sold a minimum of a 1,000,000,000 pieces of gloves by the end of 2021.

Ganesh Subramaniam, Partner Director, SRAM & MRAM Group, with over 30 years of manufacturing experience of rubber and rubber products, has been lending his valuable experience and working on more R&D Solutions to create better rubber and Latex products.

Hemalata Arumugam, CEO, SRAM & MRAM Group, has been instrumental in setting up the manufacturing facilities to fruition. She envisions “Walletz4u” to be the leading brand in the ASEAN and World Market within a space of 12 months.

Chaittnya Aggarwal, Executive Director, SRAM & MRAM Group, who has been handling the US Operations of the group, has managed to secure substantial orders for Nitrile Gloves across USA through various business associates.

Dr. Victoria Michael, representative of the US buyer, has been instrumental in making SRAM & MRAM Group as the official PPE products and solutions provider for their US operations. Vandana Rao (VEE), Director, Sales & Operations and her team has set an ambitious target of over 10 billion dollars by the year end 2021.

SRAM & MRAM Distributors and JV Partners Goldmark Limited, Hongkong, have taken the onus on them to market and distribute “Walletz4u” products worldwide under the able leadership of Gurdeep Singh Mehta and Vishal Ahuja.

The team of SRAM & MRAM comprising its network of representatives have been the backbone of the success that has come to SRAM & MRAM. Be it the versatile Hitanshu Hira, the old warhorses Sunil Arora, Dr. Akshay Bhardwaj, Suresh Makhija, young entrepreneurs Sanjeev Chaudhary, Vishal Ahuja, Sumit Saigal, and Vee Rao, veteran business magnates N V R Suresh, Mohammed Azeem and Shyam Balaji and Sadhana Bhardwaj along with young dynamites Babulal Saini, CFO, SRAM & MRAM Group and Raghav Kapur, Director-Business Development, have been instrumental in making “Walletz4u” a successful brand.


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