The International Education & Skill Summit – 12th Edition: 4 Days of Deliberation by Global Education Leaders


The International Education & Skill Summit (TIESS) witnessed the conclusion of four days of the global education leadership conference, on 30th January. The 12th edition of the conference was held virtually for the first time making it the world’s largest virtual conference for education and skills sector.

The International Education & Skill Summit – 12th Edition

The conference hosted over 36,000+ delegates from more than 90+ countries who came together for 4 days of engaging and thought-provoking sessions and conversations. The 4-day summit saw participation from ministers, policy makers, education leaders and industry experts from across the globe sharing their experience and insights along with suggestions for the way forward.

TIESS is conceived & organized by India Didactics Association and co-organized by the Education World Forum – creators of the Worlds Largest Education Ministers conference, BESA-UK and Cell Cove Innovation. Various national and international government bodies and 15+ international associations have partnered the event.

The theme of this years virtual TIESS conference was Nurturing Sustainability, Education and Learning: 2022 and beyond – Listen, contribute, collaborate and learn … together.

The sessions on all 4 days of the conference witnessed some constructive discussions from experts over pertinent issues and topics about the current and future path of education. The panelists from different parts of the world discussed and shared their views, challenges and firsthand experiences. A few of such discussion pointers included:

  • Vision of School education and Higher education 2022 and beyond

  • Developing care for sustainability, education, and learning to prepare students, to drive for a brighter future

  • Role of early learning in laying the best possible foundations for all children

  • Importance of using technology well and supporting learning. How technology has helped in recent times to handle disruption in education

  • Understanding significant challenges for standard assessments and student grading. Specially presented in recent times

  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on and within education and the attention that is needed for constant care and adjustment to ensure its right impact.

Commenting about the success of the conference, Mr. Aditya Gupta, CEO India Didactics Association said, “We are really overwhelmed on the success of the 12th edition of the first ever virtual TIESS. With more than 150+ International speakers and 36,000+ attendees from 90+ countries joining this summit, it became a must attend for all education leaders. The virtual summit showcased in-depth analysis and point of views of the speakers & attendees from different countries for the education sector sharing enriching content with other educators from various parts of the world. TIESS played an important role in bringing to light Global best practices, realistic forward-looking solutions, crucial collaborative opportunities with governments and educational leaders from around the world.”

TIESS 2021 also highlighted the changes, innovations and challenges that have been necessitated with the paradigm shifts in the education sector on global level. The conference brought together Policy Makers, Education Leaders and Industry experts who shared a wide range of inspiring stories, experiences, and best practices from across the globe. The 4 days & 4 hours-a-day conference, saw an opportunity to network, listen, learn and discuss pertinent aspects related to the Future of Education.

Some of the Ministers apart from Industry Partners & Global Education Leaders included:

  1. Hon. Mrs. Leela Devi Dookun Luchoomun, MP, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Education, at Government of Mauritius

  2. H.E. Mr. Hussein Ibrahim Al Hammadi – Minister of Education at Government of United Arab Emirates

  3. H.E. Dr. Almazbek Beishenaliev – Minister of Education and Science at Government of Republic of Kyrgyzstan

  4. H.E. Prof. Dr. Myo Thein Gyi – Union Minister of Education at Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

  5. H.E. Mme Sengdeuane Lachanthaboun – Minister for Education and Sports at Government of Lao PDR

  6. H.E. Dr. Abas Basir – Minister of Higher Education at Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

  7. Rt. Hon. Damian Hinds, MP – Member of Parliament for East Hampshire and Former at Government of United Kingdom

  8. H.E. Dr. Abdulla Rasheed – Minister of State for Education at Government of Republic of Maldives

  9. Mr. Manish Sisodia – Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education at Government of Delhi

  10. Dr. Ashwathnarayan C. N. – Deputy Chief Minister, Minister of Higher Education Electronics, Information & Biotechnology and Science & Technology and Skill Development, Entrepreneurship & Livelihood at Government of Karnataka

  11. Mr. Adimulapu Suresh – Minister of Education at Government of Andhra Pradesh

  12. Mr. Yao Ydo – Director, a.i. at UNESCO International Bureau of Education

  13. Mr. Ju Ho Lee – Chairman, Education Commission Asia & Former Minister of Education, Korea

  14. H.E. Dr. IM Koch – Secretary of State for Education, Youth and Sports at Government of Kingdom of Cambodia

  15. Mr. Ramanan Ramanathan – Mission Director and Additional Secretary, Atal In at NITI Aayog, Government of India

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