This festive season fulfil your sweet cravings with vegan sugar-free candies from Mezmo

This festive season fulfil your sweet cravings with vegan sugar-free candies from Mezmo

Launched in 2021 in Mumbai, Mezmo entered the market with healthy candies. It is not exactly believable when one says that candies can be healthy yet tasty at the same time. To turn this notion around, Mezmo launched sugar-free candies made from real fruits. 

Mezmo candies are made from natural fruit flavours which help in hydration and curbs the problem of hyper activeness in kids which arises due to high sugar levels. It is recommended for  kids with autism and for fitness enthusiasts and athletes too. It contains added dietary fibres extracted from citrus peels and prebiotic fibres which helps in a stronger gut.  

Mezmo Very Strawberry, Mezmo Tarty Lemon and Mezmo Tangelo Orange are the three yummy flavours available in a 36g pack containing 12 jellies at a nominal cost of Rs.175. Nothing says love like a box full of jellies for kids and adults alike. From individual packs to gift boxes, Mezmo has come up with eye-catching graphics that will surely make you pick the product from the shelf. 

The idea was to introduce people to sweet treats which are good for the body as compared to the other options available in the market. Devoid of any added artificial colours and other toxic ingredients, making something tasty was a challenge.

We at Mezmo decided to take up this herculean task for a healthier lifestyle. After innumerable trials, we got an end result that was jam-packed with flavours. 

Talking about the brand, Megha Rawal, a certified Health Coach, who is the Founder of Mezmo said “Scrumptious sweet treats which are healthy for kids and adults alike was our aim when we started ideating the brand and the products. Through a tedious yet exciting process of experimentation with different ingredients and recipes, we finally made the perfect products which will be loved by one and all.” 

About Mezmo

Mezmo is an Indian brand based out of Mumbai that offers healthy candies. It was started in 2021 by a certified Health Coach, Megha Rawal. The candy has all the goodness of a delicious candy and none of the nasties. It has no artificial colours, no added white sugar, no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) or any pesky chemicals.

These candies have entrusted fruit juices the task of giving them that sweet and irresistible flavour. Mezmo’s sole objective is to add a little happiness to the world without any worry or guilt.  

You can buy them on and on Amazon.


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