Trustmedis Launches Doctugo App, Plans Fundraising

Trustmedis Launches Doctugo App, Plans Fundraising

Aiming to make it easier for patients to access services from health facilities that have joined Trustmedis , the Doctugo application was launched for the wider community. As is known, Trustmedis is a cloud -based platform that is targeted to support health facility services such as hospitals and clinics.

To DailySocial, Founder & CEO of Trustmedis Achmad Zulkarnain revealed, to enlarge the application, Trustmedis also plans to expand strategic partnerships with healthetch platforms to super apps in Indonesia.

“Through Doctugo, we want to expand collaboration with healthtech platforms to other startups in Indonesia. We realize that in order for businesses to grow bigger, collaboration is the most relevant way, not competition,” said Achmad.

Still in the process of finalizing, there will be several popular healthtech platforms and startups that will become Doctugo partners. With the number of health facilities owned by Trustmedis, which are around 240 hospitals and clinics, it is hoped that partners can use them and vice versa. They also wanted to give patients from each of the health facilities joining the opportunity more choice and flexibility.

“Currently we have around 5 million registered patients from health facilities who have joined Trustmedis. It is hoped that with the Doctugo application this number can be doubled until the end of 2021,” said Achmad.

Although it was only launched about three weeks ago, Achmad claims that currently the Doctugo application has been downloaded by around 500 people on the Play Store and has established partnerships with 6 hospitals in several regions in Indonesia. The hope is that if the number of downloads increases to 5 thousand, they will make the official launch of this application.


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