Tynimo Calls for Franchises from Across India


Tiny store“, “more to offer” – Tynimo strives to live up to its name, offering its target market with a variety of choices & revolutionize the lifestyle retail segment.

The main idea is to provide high quality, well-designed daily lifestyle products at affordable prices. Tynimo was started with an intention to capitalize on the concept of impulse buying, where people never plan to buy these products but end up buying it on the basis of what they see.

Tynimo – Calling Franchises

With currently having 5 stores across Bangalore including its renowned flagship store at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, Tynimo calls franchises from across India.

Says Vaibhav, Sales & Marketing Director, “We need more options but want it to be economical. Tynimo is filling this gap by providing high quality, beautifully designed branded products at affordable prices. We want people to upgrade their lifestyle through our brand.”

In addition, Tynimo will continue to focus on its USP, the Indian handicrafts section and its range of skin care products, that are chemical-free, organic, and curated by a team of beauty and wellness experts. With products ranging between Rs. 50 – Rs. 10,000, currently Tynimo caters to the lifestyle segment across 16+ categories including Toys, Household & Home Dcor, Bags, Fashion Jewellery, Fashion Accessories, Footwear, Travel series, Personal Care, Snacks and Beverages, Indian Handicrafts, Digital Accessories, Sports & Fitness.

With an investment range of Rs. 25 – Rs. 30 lakhs, Tynimo is providing the most lucrative margins with a payback period of 1.5 years for a store area range of 500 – 800 Sq.ft.

Currently, a normal high street store of 1000 Sq.ft does approximately 70 billings per day with an average bill value of Rs. 850-900 and 80% conversion ratio. The brand aims to increase the bill value to Rs. 1500 – Rs. 2000 in the coming months by adding new categories and products across Digital, Home Dcor, Skin care and other categories as per the needs of the market.

For Tynimo, it’s the brand visibility which plays a major role in its success and hence Tynimo is providing complimentary Fixtures & Signage at absolutely no cost for its first 10 franchises.

Tynimo is a retail lifestyle brand based in Bangalore, India. Tynimo caters to 16+ categories of products, manufactured and sourced from across the world and India. Tynimo’s main mission is to offer wide range of well-designed daily lifestyle products at reasonable and affordable prices & to promote Indian made products on a world platform. With over 200 – 300 new products every month and 3000+ new products per annum, Tynimo products have fully adhered to overseas & Indian market standards.


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