Apple acquires AR startup Mira, a day after launching Vision Pro headset

Apple acquires AR startup Mira, a day after launching Vision Pro headset

Apple has acquired Mira, a Los Angeles-based augmented reality (AR) startup known for manufacturing headsets for various companies and even the US military, according to a report from The Verge on Tuesday. The acquisition comes just one day after Apple’s announcement of their ambitious AR headset, the Vision Pro, which marks a significant venture into the AR market and pits the tech giant against Meta Platforms, the dominant player in the field.

Apple’s foray into the AR headset market is a bold move, reminiscent of their groundbreaking iPhone introduction over a decade ago. The company is venturing into a crowded market where other devices have struggled to gain widespread consumer adoption. By directly challenging Meta, which owns Facebook, Apple aims to establish a competitive position and potentially disrupt Meta’s dominance. The two companies have a history of clashes on various fronts, such as disputes over user privacy and control of developer platforms.

Mira’s expertise in AR technology and its contracts with the US military have likely caught Apple’s attention. According to The Verge’s report, Mira has secured military agreements, including a modest contract with the US Air Force and a notable $702,351 agreement with the Navy. These partnerships highlight Mira’s capabilities and its potential to develop cutting-edge AR solutions for demanding applications.

Apple has confirmed the acquisition of Mira, reiterating its practice of acquiring smaller technology companies from time to time. However, the company remains tight-lipped about its specific plans or the purpose behind the acquisition.

As part of the deal, Apple has reportedly brought on board at least 11 employees from Mira, assimilating their talent and expertise into Apple’s AR endeavours. This move suggests that Apple recognises the value of Mira’s team and the potential synergy that can be achieved by integrating its capabilities into its own development efforts.

With the acquisition of Mira and the launch of the Vision Pro headset, Apple is clearly signalling its commitment to AR technology and its intention to be a major player in the space. The company’s ability to leverage its extensive ecosystem, coupled with Mira’s technical know-how, may pave the way for exciting advancements in AR experiences and applications in the future.


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