‘Apps Ka Baap’ to Launch on March 18


We love our phones and more than the social apps are the lifeline to our everyday chores, reminders and entertainment. In simple words, for every action we have an equal and complicated application! What if all of our favourite apps were merged into ONE, wouldnt that make our lives less complicated It would surely save us from multiple app updates.

Apps Ka Baap

Coming from the house of Bestone India, this very dearth of a centralised App platform was identified and had been working on the model of an app for that since months, that goes beyond the bar and raises it at the same time especially when it comes to socialising, communicating, creating content, entertainment and even monetising all in ONE app.

After an elaborate brain stirring research, data collection and curation of a smooth UI, the Bestone family is all set to launch Apps Ka Baap – a virtual platform that has something for everyone. Be it content creation, from short videos to instant chatting messenger, its got it all. Available on Google Playstore, the apps UI is not just user friendly, it is user-loving in so many ways. It is a revolutionary alternative to socialise, share and connect with individuals in your list. Made in India, while you wait until you get to the name for it, calling it Apps Ka Baap is pretty apt.

It has been crafted to encapsulate every social need that we have created and created a separate app for it within it. Connectivity remains the backbone as it brings people from across different geographies and ideologies all on one platform together.

They intend to unveil this Apps ka baap to the world of social media and at large by the 18th of March, and have roped in the celebrity host Jay Bhanushali already for its launch event.

Coming from the family of Bestone, the group has been known for taking the paths unknown, and making them landmarks. they question norms, listen carefully and anticipate trends. They invest in new markets and take calculated risks to deliver more for the consumers, shareholders, employees and industry.

Another wing for the same is now, the upcoming Apps Ka Baap.


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