Ashneer Grover Net Worth 2023 Life Stories, Bharatpe, Shark Tank Journey

Ashneer Grover Net Worth 2023 Life Stories, Bharatpe, Shark Tank Journey

Who Is Ashneer Grover 

Ashneer Grover is a well-known name in the Indian financial industry. He is a dynamic entrepreneur with a track record of building and scaling businesses. Ashneer has come a long way to become one of the most prominent names in the industry. Ashneer Grover’s net worth is approximately $108 Million Dollars or INR 790 Crores. Let us take a look at the major milestones in the business life of Ashneer Grover:

  • Ashneer completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He began his career with Kotak Investment Bank. He worked on various strategic projects, gaining an understanding of the Indian market.
  • In 2013, Ashneer joined American Express as the director of corporate development. During his stint, he was instrumental in driving the company’s growth in the country.
  • In 2015, Ashneer co-founded Grofers, an online grocery delivery service. Under his leadership, the company grew rapidly. He was able to attract customers and raise millions of dollars in funding. Today, Grofers is one of the leading online grocery delivery services in India.
  • In 2020, Ashneer Grover took over as the CEO of BharatPe. It is a fintech startup offering QR code-based payment solutions to small merchants.
  • Under his leadership, BharatPe had grown exponentially. It became one of the fastest-growing companies in the Indian fintech space. A major part of Ashneer Grover’s net worth is due to BharatPe.
  • In 2021, Ashneer Grover appeared as a judge on the first season of the popular show Shark Tank. Ashneer Grover in Shark Tank was an impactful judge. While his stint on the show made headlines, his attitude also raised a few brows.

We can attribute Ashneer Grover’s success to his entrepreneurial spirit. His passion for driving change in the industry is also remarkable. 

Ashneer Grover: Early Life 

Who is Ashneer Grover? Ashneer Grover was born in 1982 in Chandigarh, India. He grew up in an environment that was focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ashneer went to school in Chandigarh, where he excelled in his studies. He was always interested in business. He graduated with a degree in Civil engineering from IIT Delhi in 2002. Ashneer Grover’s qualification is impressive, with both IIT and IIM being his alma mater.

After completing his degree from IIT Delhi, Grover pursued an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. He completed his MBA in 2004 and then started his career in finance. Grover’s first job was as a VP with Kotak Mahindra Bank. He then went on to work for companies like Yes Bank and Paytm. He gained a lot of experience in these companies’ finance and technology sectors. Ashneer Grover’s net worth was also enhanced by working for these companies.

In 2018, Grover co-founded BharatPe. It is a fintech startup that offers digital payment solutions to small and medium-sized businesses across India. The company has grown rapidly and has raised over $140 million in funding from leading investors.

Grover is married and has two children. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing cricket and tennis in his spare time. He is also passionate about philanthropy. So, he participates in various charitable activities through his company.

Ashneer Grover’s childhood, academic achievements, and family have played a crucial role in his success. With his commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, Grover is a role model for aspiring businessmen and women everywhere.

Ashneer Grover Biography

Name Ashneer Grover 
Date of Birth 14th June 1982 
Nationality Indian 
Education Bachelor’s in Engineering from IIT, Delhi 
Master’s in Business Administration from IIM, Ahmedabad 
Career – Vice President at Kotak Mahindra Bank 
– Head Of New Business at PC Jeweller Ltd 
– CEO and Co-founder of BharatPe 
Achievements – BharatPe became a unicorn startup in 2020, valued at $1.5 billion 
– Listed in Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 in 2014 
Family – Married to Madhuri Jain Grover 
– Two children 

The Career of Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover started his career at Kotak Investment Bank. He worked at the bank for over a decade. Grover helped lead mergers and acquisitions deals for major corporations in India. He is known for his finance expertise and ability to drive innovative ideas in the technology space. Under his leadership, BharatPe became one of the leading players in the Indian digital payment market. BharatPe has over 50 million transactions processed monthly. Grover has been recognized for his business acumen with many awards. He received the Economic Times 40 under 40 awards in 2018.

He co-founded and served as the CEO of Grofers, an online grocery delivery service. It raised millions of dollars in funding and gained a large customer base within a short period. Under Grover’s leadership, Grofers evolved from a small startup to a company operating in multiple cities across India. Grover is considered a visionary entrepreneur constantly seeking innovative ways to disrupt traditional business models.

His passion for entrepreneurship led him to leave Grofers and join American Express. In this role, Grover drove growth and overall strategy for American Express in India. With his vast experience in the startup world, Grover brought a new approach to the traditionally conservative finance industry. He was focused on using technology to create new products and services that cater to the evolving needs of consumers in India. Grover’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive have made him a force to be reckoned with in the Indian business world.

Ashneer Grover BharatPe Founder

In 2016, Ashneer Grover joined Paytm as its Chief Financial Officer. It is a leading digital payment and financial services company in India; He played a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and expansion. He was responsible for building strong financial processes and systems. Grover also managed partnerships with key stakeholders and led the company’s fundraising activities.

In 2020, Ashneer Grover stepped down as the CFO of Paytm to start his own venture, BharatPe. BharatPe is a payment and lending platform for small and medium enterprises in India. Ashneer Grover was the CEO and Co-founder of BharatPe. He was responsible for driving the company’s vision and growth strategy. Under his leadership, BharatPe had rapidly grown to become one of the leading fintech players in India. It has a presence in over 35 cities and a user base of over 6 million merchants.

Ashneer Grover Shark Tank Journey

Ashneer Grover was one of the seven sharks who invested in various startups on Shark Tank India Season 1. The show aired from December 2021 to February 2022. Let us look at his journey on the show:

  • Ashneer has been particularly interested in start-ups that are solving problems faced by small businesses in India.
  • Grover impressed everyone with his business success and industry expertise.

He was known for being tough but fair in his evaluations of the pitches.

  • Grover often asked pointed questions. He aimed to get to the heart of the business models and strategies. He provided valuable feedback and advice to the entrepreneurs, even if he ultimately decided not to invest in their companies.
  • Grover’s presence on the show helped to bring attention to the fintech industry. He enhanced the potential for startups in this space.
  • He has highlighted the importance of scalability, revenue models, and customer acquisition strategies.
  • He was known for his blunt and outspoken attitude, which often led to conflicts with other sharks and entrepreneurs.
  • He invested in 12 startups out of 67 deals, with a total amount of Rs. 9.5 crores. His notable investments included BluePine Industries, Revamp Moto, Skippi Pops and Raising Superstars.
  • These investments have helped to increase Ashneer Grover’s net worth.
  • Ashneer was not a part of season 2 of Shark Tank India. This was because of some disagreements between him and the production.
  • After the show ended, he also unfollowed all the other sharks on social media.
  • Grover’s time on Shark Tank India was a positive contribution to the show and the broader startup ecosystem in India.

Ashneer Grover Net Worth 

According to Forbes India, Ashneer Grover’s net worth was $200 million in 2021. The publication recognizes Grover as one of the youngest CEOs in India listed on the stock exchange. Here are the details:

  • Ashneer Grover’s net worth in rupees is expected to be in triple-digit crores.
  • According to Forbes India, Ashneer Grover’s net worth was $200 million in 2021. The publication recognizes Grover as one of the youngest CEOs in India listed on the stock exchange.
  • Grover’s financial success is attributed to his impressive leadership skills and business acumen.
  • He co-founded BharatPe, a digital lending and payments start-up, in 2018. He secured funding of over $900 million by 2021, with a valuation of $2.85 billion.
  • Forbes India recognizes Grover’s ability to turn things around as a ‘turnaround man’. They attribute his success to his experience in scaling businesses.
  • Additionally, Grover’s in-depth knowledge and experience in finance and technology fields have also contributed significantly to Ashneer Grover’s net worth.
  • Before co-founding BharatPe, he worked with Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Paytm.
  • Ashneer Grover’s financial success can be attributed to his business acumen and experience.

Ashneer Grover’s Journey to Success 

Ashneer Grover is a well-known name in the entrepreneurial world. He has made a name for himself as the founder and former CEO of BharatPe. BharatPe is a fintech company that offers businesses a single QR code for all digital payment modes. The company provides digital payment and lending solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Grover holds an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. He worked with companies such as PCJ and Grofers before starting BharatPe in 2018. His business skills and investments have contributed to Ashneer Grover’s net worth.

Since its founding, BharatPe has seen rapid growth. As of 2022, the company is valued at over $2.85 billion. Given his successful investments, Ashneer Grover’s net worth after leaving Bharatpe is still high. Grover has been recognized for his contributions to the Indian startup ecosystem, including being named to Fortune India’s “40 Under 40” list in 2020. Grover also appeared on the Indian version of Shark Tank as a judge in 2021. He was impressed by many of the startups that pitched to him on the show. As of May 2022, his net worth is expected to be very high. Given BharatPe’s valuation and past CEO position, he has likely achieved significant wealth.


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