Shark Tank India 3: Anupam Mittal Gets ANGRY As Pitcher Disrespects Peyush Bansal

Shark Tank India 3: Anupam Mittal Gets ANGRY As Pitcher Disrespects Peyush Bansal

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India 3, Anupam Mittal lost his cool after a pitcher ‘disrespected’ Peyush Bansal. It all started after Vikas Suri, the founder of Popcorn & Company, introduced sharks to his brand and asked for Rs 75 lakh in return of 7.5 per cent equity.

During the pitch, Peyush Bansal questioned Vikas about the profitability of his business. However, Vikas interrupted Bansal and corrected his numbers. Following this, Vikas ‘shushed’ Peyush which left Anupam disappointed. “Did he just say that?” Anupam asked Vineeta Singh. Mittal further lost his cool and schooled the pitcher for disrespecting a shark. “Bhai sahab kis liye aaye hai aap yaha (Why have you come here?) You are the Vikas Suri, you know everything. We have been sitting here for the past three years. Do you know what we do? You came here and shushed one of the sharks,” he said.

However, Peyush tried to calm down Anupam saying Vikas is elder to him and therefore he does not mind it. To this, Anupam argued, “It’s not about age. It’s the respect of the seat.”

When Vikas tried to apologise, Anupam said, “That’s not the only thing. From the moment you have stepped in you have made such big statements but your answers are so vague. You haven’t clarified if you will shut the QSRs or scale them. You have said your name four times, I have never heard your name. After meeting you I feel you don’t have learning agility and humility. What will you learn and what will you teach? Your structure is very messy besides all the personal things I said and that’s why I am out. I feel there is a big business of popcorn but you might not make that business.”


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