Green India Polymers – 4 Million USD Turn-over – Waste Management to Wealth Management


The Global plastics recycling market is expected to develop from an estimated $85 billion out of 2020 to $110 billion by 2025. The concerned market navigates the rising tendency towards reused plastics over virgin plastics due to high contamination brought about by plastics when discarded in seas or other water bodies.

Green India Polymers

The world as an ecosystem to fight a dangerous atmospheric deviation, it must be a coordinated battle in order to accomplish a Sustainable development goal,” says Mr. Amit Mani, Founder of Green India Polymers, one of the fastest growing startups with its presence in India and Bangladesh.

Your unrivaled PET partner in Middle East and South Asia, the startup has its upcoming plant in Ajman, UAE. An annual turn-over of 4 Million USD, Green India Polymers is a young and profitable organization with a mindset of Circular Economy.

Mr. Ravi Chandra G, Global Operations Head of Green India Polymers says, “Expansion in other countries and to be one among the top manufacturers and distributors of Polymers is the main aim in the coming years”.

Green India Polymers recycle around 1000 MT tonnes of plastic every month to make PET Flakes and PET Resins/Granules. These Post-Consumer Resins (PCRs) thus encourage sustainability across numerous industries, including PSF, Thermoforming, Automotive, Strapping and Agriculture. Being in quality relations with the International Market, Green India Polymers exports to its clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, Germany, Cape Town etc. In India, the startup is industriously into distribution and not manufacturing since all South Asian Countries have strict laws that ban plastics.

A company should have the target for Economic Viability and Profitability without compromising on Sustainable Development,” says Mr. Amit Mani, Founder of Green India Polymers.

Launched in 2018, a manufacturing and trading company with a cause and vision for a green environment, the startup actively works towards Sustainable Development by cutting down on Pollution through Plastic Recycling. Over the course of 3 years, Green India Polymers has set a benchmark for itself as one of the most dominant competitors in the global recycling industry. Beginning from its Bangalore headquarters, the firm directs operations at countless R&D and production facilities in South Asia. Green India Polymers has worked towards a vision of a more sustainable world by innovating plastic recycling.

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