India’s Recent Comfortable and Affordable Mattress Brand-“Napnyx” Launches Today


This World Sleep day, Napnyx (Nap” means sleep and “Nyx” means night) brings you one the finest and premium quality mattresses for the best comforting sleep like never before! With more than 30% discount on its launch offer, grab on the best deal and bring home a complete experience of happy living!

Introducing Napnyx – Comfortable & Affordable mattresses

In a world with the growing stress and workloads, the unhealthy lifestyle, one wrong choice of mattress can nearly kill your back! Day by day almost 80% of the world’s population, from every age group is suffering from a suppressed back pain and several health disorders. Keeping in mind of how important a mattress can be for your health; this new launch focuses on producing personalised mattresses at different sizes and a variety of materials to help you get a sound-sleep experience.

Napnyx Vega – Premium Profile Foam Mattress for Spine Comfort

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Subhro Bhattacharya, Co-founder, Napnyx said, “Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every persons overall health and well-being. Not getting sufficient sleep leads to health disorders, effects quality of life in many ways. The average sleep of urban population is below 5-6 hours per day and we have identified that mattress is one of the major reasons for poor sleep. Being a part of this industry for the last 10 Years, I always wanted to come up with a brand which is comfortable as well as affordable for all. Thus, after few years of research, we decided to come up with “Napnyx” to give everyone the experience of good sleep.”

Napnyx Rigel – Premium Memory Foam Mattress for Orthopedic Support

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So, hurry before the deal runs off! Avail a flat 30% discount on your first purchase through online booking!

About Napnyx – Your Perfect Mattress Solution

We at Napnyx take care of your sleep so that you remain fit and fine for the rest of your day. Our specially set up team of three experts are well equipped to design the perfect bed for you as they have been in the business for more than ten years now and are very proficient in their job. We at Napnyx do believe that a good nights comfortable sleep is very important, but given our current lifestyle schedule, it is advisable that you take a mid nap somewhere during the day because that takes care of your stress level like a magic spell. Napnyx is an online portal that brings you the comfort of your home right at your doorstep. Just few simple easy steps to book and personalise the mattress requirement, and comfort sleeping is guaranteed for you! Well, some of the major advancements of Napnyx include.

A highly qualified expert team

When it comes to crafting comfort for your blissful sleep at night, our team of experts are the best. They are highly qualified in this forte and have been working on the same for more than ten years now.

Doorstep Delivery

Given the situation outdoors, it is almost a prerequisite nowadays that the product gets delivered to your home almost at the snap of your fingers. We at Napnyx offer you doorstep delivery of mattresses without any additional delivery charges. Isnt that absolutely wonderful

Thirty-Nights Trial Period

We do understand that sometimes you might make choices that wont quite suit you well. Dont you worry, we do have a thirty-night trial policy where you can use the product for thirty nights for a trial. And if it does not fit your requirements you can get it returned. All you need to do is have the purchase bill and your trial period is sorted.

Dedicated Support Team

Customers are always our first concern. Therefore anytime a discrepancy arises even if it is after you buy the mattress online, we are just a call away to assist you to the best of our capability. You could also share your grievances with our chat assistant who if possible will provide you with the best support.


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