Interview With Beena Bhardwaj, the long-serving legislator from Uttar Pradesh

Interview With Beena Bhardwaj, the long-serving legislator from Uttar Pradesh

Beena Bhardwaj, the long-serving legislator from Uttar Pradesh, Rampur district started off her political journey in 1993 wherein she has not only devoted her heart and soul for the public welfare but has also maintained uprightness in her entire career. On the eve of the UP elections, we got the privilege to interview her and would like to provide insights to our readers about the leading lady who has been a catalyst in transforming Uttar Pradesh to Uttam Pradesh. 

1)      Why is the caste and religion factor predominant in the UP election?

❖  In UP, it has been a long-term practise whereby the politicians have been focusing on seeking votes by virtue of electorates’ caste and religion. The voters too do get influenced by the said factor that they somehow miss the chance to vote for the right candidate. The favouritism often tarnishes the vitality of the voting system.

2)      What’s your take on offering freebies to seek vote? Does that fulfil the long-term purpose?

❖  Offering freebies to seek votes does work if the government strictly stick to it and have pure intention to do the public good for the long term. Freebies do entice the voters and do work in favour of the political parties.

3)      Can you please take us on your political journey?

❖  I started off my political journey in 1993 which was initially tough. But with all the love and support I received from my family and public has kept me going and encouraged me to work purely for the betterment of my constituency and the general public.

4)      What has marked your biggest achievement in politics?

❖  To have naturally collaborated with the public has been my biggest achievement whereby I got the chance to work for them, we stick to them in their ups and downs. Whatever I have achieved so far has been due to the trust that the voters have posed in me and my work. 

5)      How does the current political system differ from the one when you started?

❖  There is a thick line of difference between the current and earlier political system. The corruption level has reduced to an extent. Now, the political parties are more people-centric bringing up fine welfare schemes on the table.

6)      What are the key areas that you have worked upon?

❖  I have worked in developmental and welfare schemes. I have also worked in the educational field and have been associated with Sanskrit School, Inter College and English Medium primary schools where we have taken up the responsibility of quite of few students and provided them with free education and other necessary facilities.

7)      What are your views on the New UP Model as designed by the Yogi Government?

❖  The differences can be seen and felt in UP. Whether it’s corruption or the mafia, it has been brought under control. The Yogi Government has effectively worked towards infrastructure, education, healthcare and overall development of the UP. He has made our Uttar Pradesh as Uttam Pradesh.

8)      Which are the areas do you think to require fine improvements in UP?

❖  There is a need to work a bit more towards women empowerment, environmental sustainability and poverty alleviation.

9)      What advice would you like to impart to the new entrants who have rolled up in politics?

❖  Move towards the right direction. Don’t play with the sentiments of the voters. Don’t harass the weaker section and rather help them to fulfil their genuine needs. 

10)  What message would you like to give to the voters?

❖  Use your right cautiously. Don’t just vote for the sake of religion or caste. Exercise your right wisely and choose the right candidate.


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