New-Age Dairy Brand Healthways Launches Initiative to Promote Healthy Breakfast Regimen


Inspired by the purity and goodness of a locally sourced milk product, Healthways has evolved as a leading dairygroup of India since its inception in 2018. The group has been procuring milk directly from localized producers to manufacture products that are at par with any other international dairy brand.

One of their top-selling products is Healthways Full Cream Milk, filled with healthy and nutritious benefits. It comes with extra fat for the fitness enthusiasts, apart from being rich in nutrients like calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are necessary for the development and growth of the human body.

Starting March 5, 2020, Healthways Group launched a promotional offer in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices, where consumers could kick start their day with a scrumptious and healthy meal enriched with protein. According to this offer, consumers will get a pack of Britannia Good Day Biscuit (MRP Rs. 5) free on the purchase of 1L or two 500ml pack of the Healthways Full Cream Milk, thereby offering taste and health benefits in one deal.

Healthways has revolutionized milk consumption with the help of several campaigns it has run in the past.

Mr. Narendra Nagar, the Managing Director of Healthways Group

Mr. Narendra Nagar, the Managing Director of Healthways Group, who has a vast experience of dairy industry, is keen on making Healthways Group an influential group of dairy firms. He shares, “Each morning that our product reaches your doorstep post our clean milking process, we ensure you begin your day with the goodness of pure dairy produce. We believe that that good milk and milk products is the right of every Indian.

Healthways Dairy understands the needs of consumers and plans to bring more schemes that will add value to their consumer’s daily lifestyle. Apart from serving doorstep-delivery, Healthways Group has also opened 6 retail outlets in the NCR region in the past year to ensure an efficient supply chain.

Healthways has been helping the local dairy farmers across India by buying the milk from them, processing it and then poly packing it in a variety of dairy products including Paneer, Milk, Chaach, Dahi, Ghee, etc. Healthways Group has empowered the milk producers by paying them the honest value for their contribution. It has successfully connected over 3500 villages, employing more than 1,00,000 dairy farmers to its 18 chilling plants. Additionally, Healthways runs various beneficial schemes for the dairy producers to uplift their social and financial conditions.


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