Nexgen Energia Ltd. to Start 1000 CNG (CBG) Production Units in India

  • Company has signed an MOU with UP Bio-Energy Development Board.

  • Company has already established first CNG (CBG) production unit in Ambala Haryana

With the aim to re-define the manufacturing & distribution of alternate future green fuels NexGen Energia Ltd., a leading clean fuel energy company is exploring opportunities to establish green diesel refineries and CBG production units in North India. In first phase company to established 1000 CNG (CBG) production units in India through franchise route with special focus in Uttar Pradesh. Company has already established one first CNG (CBG) production unit in Ambala where production has already started.

Nexgen Energia Ltd. has pioneered the art of making CNG (CBG) from locally sourced waste and agricultural waste in India and distribute CNG (CBG) in the same market through its locally established distribution channels. NGE is one of the leading organisations to have achieved this feat. Nexgen Energia Ltd. has initiated this disruptive idea to bring on board a band of entrepreneurs, distributors and marketers for production, storages and marketing of green fuel and bring a revolution in alternate green fuels sector.

As per Bio-fuel policy 2018 Govt of India has promoting production, storage and distribution of Bio-fuel and encouraging participation of private entrepreneur in green energy sector. Govt also giving investment subsidy and many policy incentives to increase the participation of young entrepreneurs.

For the proper utilisation of garbage and give a relief from garbage mountains and pollution spread all over the country Government of India has given many policies supports and promoting waste to Energy sector. As the processing for CBG and green diesel from garbage is being popularised Nexgen Energia has planned to open 300 CNG (CBG) production plant/Retail outlets in first phase in Uttar Pradesh along with its storage marketing and distribution networks.

Dr. Piyush Dwivedi – Founder and Chairman, Nexgen Energia Ltd.

Elaborating about the business plan NexGen Energia Founder and Chairman Dr. Piyush Dwevedi said, “Our aim to boost Local for Vocal & Make in India initiatives based on Swach Bharat mission through production of energy from the waste and provide an innovative entrepreneurship opportunity for the business aspirant. We are going to establish CNG (CBG) production plant through franchisee route with production buyback guarantee. It is a unique and an Ideal profitable business opportunity on a very low risk.”

A initial investment required for a CNG (CBG) production plant unit is start from only 4.99 Cr. and government of India and state government is giving huge subsidy for the establishment of waste to CNG production plant. Apart from investment subsidy government is also giving GST benefits, Land use conversion and income tax benefits for CNG production plants,” Dr. Dwevedi added.

With the ultramodern technologies of global standard and vast experience in waste to energy sector Nexgen Energia Ltd. wants to give a notable input in the growing demand fuel and alternative energy resource of India. Apart from CNG (CBG) production Nexgen Energia Ltd. is also running CBG Retail Outlets, Green Diesel Production unit, Green Diesel Retail Outlets, Bio Coal, EV Charging stations in India. Apart from Uttar Pradesh Nexgen Energia Ltd. also exploring opportunities in other parts for country.

About Nexgen Energia Ltd.

Nexgen Energia Ltd., Indias leading multinational and majorly a Clean Fuel Company with diversifications in CNG/CBG Production, CBG Retail Outlets, Green Diesel Production, Green Diesel Retail Outlets, Bio Coal, EV Charging, etc. Nexgen Energia Ltd. has started production of CBG/Green Diesel at multiple locations along with its franchise partners to launch sales of these clean fuels to its retail outlet franchise.


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