Skill-Lync Announces 200 Scholarships for Aspiring Engineers, Offering a Gateway to the Employable Skills and Jobs


Skill-Lync, a Chennai-based start-up, reinventing skill-based learning courses for aspiring engineers announces 200 scholarships for students to take up job-aligned career programs. Successful scholarship candidates will get a fee waiver of upto INR 100,000 on the career programs.

Interested candidates can apply on the scholarship section of the Skill-Lync website where they are accepting applications starting from February 2021. The program selection process involves application, followed by an aptitude test where students will be assessed on the basis of quick problem solving and reasoning.

“In an advanced technological world, we need engineers to bring ideas into reality by attaining the right skills at the right time which can significantly propel ones career. By applying the principles of mathematics and science, we encourage all aspiring engineers to apply for this scholarship and develop solutions to the world’s biggest technical issues. With an increase in infrastructure spend planned over the next couple of years, civil & structural engineers with skills in designing & analysis for smart cities will be in high demand. Not only this, With Electric Vehicles and autonomously driven vehicles rising in popularity, we have seen manufacturing companies look out for engineers with skills in Embedded Systems. At Skill-Lync, we offer all of these courses including Automotive, Aerospace & Manufacturing engineering courses. We believe this scholarship would be the first step in supporting young aspirants who seek to enhance their skill and ready themselves for the next level of this technological boom,” said Surya P, Co-founder at Skill-Lync.

Skill-Lync was India’s first platform to offer autonomous engineering courses. It also offers programs in Civil and Computer Science engineering domains. This includes courses on Full-Stack Development and a one-of-a-kind course on High-Rise Buildings.

Keeping themselves ahead of the curve, the Founders (Surya P and Saarang V) are making engineers future ready. Education is now beyond the pages of books, and to promote this new wave of practical learning, Skill-Lync offers project-based courses that aids in developing in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge.

Previously Skill-Lync has also partnered with Ansys, a leading design and simulation software provider to launch a free course on ‘basic courses in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology‘. More than 8000 students have benefited from Skill-Lync till date.

To apply for this scholarship, please visit:


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