OctaFX Supports ‘Fit India Movement’ with its Student Cricket Team at Tournament


On the weekend 30-31 January 2021 in Surat, within the Indian state of Gujarat, the ICEA Cricket Tournament took place. OctaFX was present by supporting a team they helped found a year prior.

The “Octaindians” players light candles

The OctaFX cricket squad goes by the catchy name ‘Octaindians‘ and was founded with the Forex broker’s help last year.

The “Octaindians” team

OctaFX believes in the importance of supporting young talents in general and, specifically, university cricket players who are just beginning their careers.

It has already been the second edition of the tournament, held under the popular banner ‘Fit India Movement‘, raising awareness for a healthier lifestyle.

Himanshu Purani, the local OctaFX representative, explained the cultural significance of cricket in India, “To call cricket a popular sport in India would be an understatement. Half of the country’s population watches national cricket events on television alone. Apart from its rich history going way back, cricket’s immense popularity might be partly due to unique achievements by native athletes of the sport. Among the most famous cricketers in India are Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, or Kapil Dev, to name just a few, who all made sports history worldwide.”

One of the ICEA Cricket Tournament participants, a player from the ‘Octaindians‘ team, said it best, “Sport plays an important role in our lives – here, we love cricket, eat cricket, and drink cricket.” He further showed his gratitude to OctaFX and the other sponsors who helped bring this event to life.

ICEA stands for The Institute of Civil Engineers & Architects of Suran. They are the chief organisers of the event.

All in all nine matches were held on that weekend with a total of six cricket teams – among them the courageous gentlemen of ‘Octaindians‘. Their diligence and effort stressed the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle once again.

About OctaFX

OctaFX is a Forex broker providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers a state-of-the-art trading experience and has won more than 30 awards since its foundation. OctaFX is passionate about cricket, just like most of its clients in India. The company has collaborated with famous cricket players for quite some time now and plans to extend its support for young talents far into the future.


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